ToyCon UK: excellent exhibitors (part VI)

The time has come for my final ToyCon UK 2019 blog. I wasn’t able to write all the blogs around the time of ToyCon, but I’m really glad that in the end I was able to give all the participating artists the attention they deserve. I hope everybody who wasn’t able to come felt like they were there and everybody who was there has as many great memories as I do. Let’s check out the last artists!

First up are Monster Caesar Studios and Wendigo Toys. I loved Adam the bear who was available in a beautiful chocolate brown and DIY version. Besides Adam, I also liked Majesty, a two-legged beauty you could buy in different colourways. It was really nice to see a lot of different pieces at their booth. There was something cool for everyone.

Tom & Emily specialise in making sceneries for tabletop games and props for Dungeons & Dragons players. With Heartwood Realm, they’ve created a wonderful universe filled with all kinds of magical creatures. I really enjoyed hearing the background story and hope they will continue to grow their realm.

First of all I’d like to say Mike Strick is one of the most friendly guys I’ve met. Everybody at ToyCon is always so nice and Mike was no exception. He makes props and toys and brought a great assortment of different figures like the Tardigradest Showman, Dairy Princess and Shell Shock snail figure. I also liked the Toebots that came in different colours and each had unique details to set them apart from each other. Mike is another artist I didn’t know before ToyCon UK and I’m very glad I got to know him and his work.

If you were hungry it was best to walk past Sorbet Jungle’s booth quickly. Because besides her standard vinyl Croconana she also brought Croconana Sundaes and they looked delicious haha. Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry Creme, I’m in! You could also get super cute Croconana plushies in different colours. Yellow probably is my fave, but blue and green looked just as adorable.

Alright folks, that’s a wrap! The ToyCon 2019 series has come to an end. But worry not, ToyCon 2020 is on its way and will be bigger and even better than it was before. Hope to see all of you there!

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