ToyCon UK: excellent exhibitors (part IV)

Last week the dates for ToyCon UK 2020 were announced. With a new venue ToyCon UK will be bigger and better than ever! I literally am so excited I already can’t wait until it’s March. Unfortunately that’s still 7 months from now (boohoo!), so let’s throw it back to this year’s ToyCon and watch the work of several awesome artists.

Doktor A is one of ToyCon UK’s veterans and he never fails to amaze me. His wondrous world of Mechtorians keeps expanding and it’s always a pleasure to see all of his characters together. I was lucky enough to add a custom Gramo Dunny and one of the big customs to my collection, but there were plenty of other pieces to choose from including Tinpot Mechtorians, several Cymon Clops colourways, Copper Creeps, pins and prints.  

If you like colour then you definitely have to check out Mujuworld. Team Muju, consisting of mr. Muju and miss Muju, makes super pretty and extremely detailled sculptures. Some of my favourites include the Cosmic Owls and Twilight Forest Temple. But to be fair, all their creatures look beautiful.

The work of The Tiny Tailor, Techspextoys and Beekeeper Heavy Industries really complemented each other and it was great to meet artists I didn’t know before ToyCon UK. The Tiny Tailor creates cool garments for action figures including upgraded scarves for Fusion, Future and Cyclone by RealxHead and 1000toys. Together with Techspextoys and BHI, booth 34 had a great assortment of customs, small figures and toys.

Angry Hedgehog Toys and Geistwulf also shared a booth filled with really awesome toys. Angry Hedgehog brought Boo figures from Series 1 and 2 including Mer-Boo (with a cool fish mask) and the Mind Player. There were some beautiful complementing prints as well. If Boo wasn’t for you, you could also get one of the available Smashbots. Geistwulf sold some amazing figures aswell including a beautiful rose gold and pitch-black Geistwulf that looked really clean in person.

If you don’t follow Pickled Circus yet, you should. The amount of details in his sculptures are out of this world and he creates the best characters. Look at the facial expression of that Triceratops. Look at it! I love it. It’s also a pleasure to see Pickled Circus’ take on famous characters as they’re always bloody brilliant. Harry Potter and Voldemort for sure are one of my favourite creations ever.

I love looking back at all the pictures I took and share the wonderful world of ToyCon UK with all of you. And the best part: I’m not done yet. With several artists left to cover, keep an eye out for more ToyCon UK blogs in the next few days!

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