ToyCon UK: excellent exhibitors (part III)

It’s time for part III of the excellent exhibitors of ToyCon UK. We are slowly coming to the end of this series, but… not today!

Droid Foundry brought a lot of awesome Droids to ToyCon UK. The different designs came in multiple sizes and colours so there were a lot of options to choose from including Sentry and Recon Droids. My personal favourites were the Fish Droids and little teddy bear, so cute!

David Stevenson has a great style that’s super recognizable. I always like it when artists have there own thing going on. I thought the flower patterns looked especially cute on the Androids, but to be honest they looked nice on all the different platforms. It may take a lot of time to create the patterns, but looking at the result, it’s definitely worth it. Besides his own work, David also brought some cool skateboards from different artists.

One of my ToyCon 2019 favourites is Vodka Margarine. So many cute creatures! The moody mushrooms were absolutely adorable and I loved all the different types of pumpkins. From regular ones to diced pumpkins and pumpkins with their little eyes popping, they all had amazing little personalities. Vodka Margarine also brought other cool characters like Crate Monsters, Bert & Chick and Pool Gubbins. Definitely glad I got to know her work and one of the reasons I love ToyCon so much. You always get a chance to meet new artists.

Ofcourse ToyCon wouldn’t be complete without one of UK’s finest toy stores: Collect and Display. It’s great to finally see all the items in person you’ve had your eye on for a while. Pictures are great (I didn’t sort through 1000 ToyCon photos to deny that hahaha), but with toys and art I always feel like it helps so much when you can see it in person. And Collect and Display had a great assortment including truly adorable pandas by Coarse, Jesse Hernandez’s latest 8″ Dunny, Brandt Peters’ Harley Quinn and many other cool toys. Definitely great to see them return to ToyCon again.

[Koncrete] had a lovely show with custom Noodles by a wide variety of artists including Run DMB, 2petalrose, Beanie Bat and Angry Hedgehog. I really like the Noodle platform, it’s cute, but you can definitely give it your own spin. The Candy Floss Pink and Rainbow editions looked really great in person too. Awesome colours and super clear. Looking forward to seeing more of these little guys!

Another great retailer that could be found at ToyCon is Ko-Re Ko-Re. They focus on Japanese and Asian collectibles and man, did they have cool pieces! I’m a huge fan of elephants so you can probably imagine I loved the gorgeous elephant toy they brought. But even if you’re not into elephants (how could you not be into elephants?) you’d were a fool not to check out Ko-Re Ko-Re’s booth. They really had a great variety of toys.

Ending today’s blog with the great work of Zukaty, another artist whose work is very recognizable. I absolutely adore his galaxy pieces. The Dunny and Omens were my favourites, but to be honest, the galaxy look worked well for all of the platforms that Zukaty brought. I’m curious to see how his style will further evolve in the next few years, but would have nothing against more galaxy themed work. The colours and finish are amazing.

Wow, I guess that’s another ToyCon blog for y’all! Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I like writing them.

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