ToyCon UK: excellent exhibitors (part V)

No better place to check out the best artists the designer toy world has to offer than ToyCon UK. As the dates for ToyCon UK 2020 were announced last week, it’s the perfect time to showcase the amazing work of this years’ artists. With the new venue being bigger and better than ever, let’s hope we can see all those beautiful faces again in 2020!

Everybody who knows me, knows I adore plushies. I’ve got a scandalous amount of them. They’re just irresistable! And the plushies of It’s A CYN definitely didn’t make my love for plushies any smaller. My personal favourite was the elephant, but I also adored all the sea creatures like the narwhal and hammerhead shark. If you like plushies, definitely follow It’s A CYN!

Two artists you should also follow are Muffinman Sculpts and PJ Constable. Both shared a booth at ToyCon UK.

Muffinman makes incredible resin sculpts that are so clean it puts machines to shame. His Young Robins have sold in several colours and sizes and I hope my photos do them justice. They’re really pretty. His other sculpts looked great too and I especially liked the bear.

Someone who’s a great sculptor aswell is PJ Constable. His style is very recognizable and his sculpts get better and better. I love all the details and the way his characters look together. They form a world of their own.

Stkl Toys and Softoy Hobby definitely brought some scary good stuff to ToyCon! From x-ray vision Joe in several colourways to one-eyed monsters and monsterbabies in jars. Their booth wasn’t for scaredy-cats!

I always appreciate artists with a special story behind their figures and Grum Reaper is definitely one of them. His Grums “want to save your soul from the abyssal darkness of doom & gloom” and are made for the suicidal and lost. Every Grum has a little personality of its own and I hope they will be able to put a smile on the face of everybody who needs it.

Mr. Grum wasn’t alone, but shared his booth with Atomic Toys, who specialises in digital design and prototyping. He introduced Ice Cream Sandwich Man (concept by Thunder Rockets) among some other cool figures. It will be interesting to see what’s next!

Dead Beat City also had a wonderful booth filled with amazing toys. From a really pretty glitter rainbow bear to beautiful black bears and ducks, there was a lot to choose from. The rainbow pieces were my favourite, but all of them looked great.

There are only a few artists left to feature in this ToyCon blog series, you will read about them soon!

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