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Ok cast your mind back to January ….
that time of the year in the UK , cold , wet , over spent and over weight from xmas standard right?
I answer a fb message ….. “fancy coming to Amsterdam to help me paint?” I think it took me about half a millisecond to decide lol


So myself and My Dog Sighs flew over to Amsterdam a few days later invited by street art today….
After a train ride and a ferry we ended up in the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam where we discovered a street artists paradise
shipping containers are everywhere, new graf on top of old graf, walls covered in art in different states of decay and beauty ..

hotels made from cranes and boats , restaurants made from containers my idea of heaven
in the middle of all this stood a huge Hilton hotel called “Double tree” made of glass ..

part of the task over there was to take part in … The Hilton Art Rooms a result of a tight collaboration between DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam NDSM Wharf and Street Art Today
the morning came and we set to it watching My Dog paint is always a pleasure and was great to help create such a stunning piece

It was glorious to see a huge corporation like Hilton sharing the vision of the surrounding area with street art today and introducing real street art into their hotel a refreshing change to the generic mass produced pretend art you see
in 90% of hotel rooms…  here is the trailer video showing the final art rooms how stunning do they look?

street art today are in process of curating the worlds biggest street art museum  opening 2018 see what they are up to here

You can find My Dog Sighs on facebook Instagram or web and would personally like to My Dog and the Street Art Today team for the best January I’ve had

I am also honoured to announce I have been invited to do my own piece for them in August wooohooooo find me here

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