The GID Chronicle Part Three – RESIN!

It has been some time since our last The GID Chronicle post. Apologies. We had to pack away our GID goodness for a few weeks, but they’re back now and we’re ready to share with you some awesome glow in the dark pieces! Part three of The GID Chronicle sees us taking a look at RESIN! As we’ve been missing these past few weeks, we figured we’d make The GID Chronicle Part Four a bumper edition. We’ve got EIGHT GID pieces to take a look at this edition. From the resin art of Firestarter Design, DiabloTexas, Davemarkart, Random Skull Productions, JFury, Just Toylab. As well as the work from Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd too! As with each edition of The GID Chronicle we first take a look at the pieces of art in their non-GID format.

One of our pick-ups at DCon 2015 (well two really) was this pair of cuteness courtesy of Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd. Bugbite & Pipsqueak! They are both fantastically cute in their non-GID glitter form, but once they had their time on the Wheel of GID™ they really came to life. They’ve both got that glow that we all love. We still need to work on our photography skills to capture the GID better, that’s something that we’re looking into, as the GID is so much better in person. We really like that Pipsqueak & Bugbite keep their glow during their spin. That’s what we want to see. They both also kept their glow once we removed them from the Wheel of GID™ too. Nice job, Chris & Amanda.

The GID Chronicle Resin - Chris Ryniak
Firestarter Design is up next with her GID Darumao: The Light of Meowrendil which dropped at DCon 2016. Whilst we couldn’t make it to Pasadena for the 2016 edition of DesignerCon, Firestarter Design kindly sent her GID Darumao over to TTC HQ to be part of The GID Chronicle. We are always going to love GID cats! That’s a given, regardless of whether we bought or the piece was gifted. The Light of Meowrendil is a well designed & sculpted art piece. Sarah (Firestarter Design) has done an amazing job. The GID is very well done. Shine bright like a diamond from the get-go. Easily lasted their spin on the Wheel of GID. Lasted long into the night too. Was very impressed. You can purchase your own GID Darumao directly from the Firestarter Design store HERE. The Light of Meowrendil was limited to 25 pieces.

The GID Chronicle Resin - Firestarter Design
We go back to May 2016 for our next GID piece, with the release of GID Fragile Am I by Davemarkart. Originally design by Dave, Fragile Am I GID has been sculpted by Nemo and then resin cast by Dead Hand Toys. Fragile Am I GID certainly did better than expected. We’ve had the piece some time now, and stood next to other GID pieces in our collection it didn’t look like it would stand up against them. However, given its chance Fragile Am I GID did have a decent GID shine.

The GID Chronicle Resin - Davemarkart
Another of our DCon 2015 pick-ups was a GID skull from Random Skull Productions. I hope Alex (Random Skull Productions) doesn’t mind me saying, but their skull is a simple design. Sometimes simple works. The lime green skull had a decent glow.

The GID Chronicle Resin - Random Skull
Ha. well another DCon 2015 pick-up (yeah we went for the GID hard at DCon that year) is another skull design but this time from Diablo Texas. There was a little bit more going on with Diablo Texas’ skull. Even in a 1.5inch resin piece, the design was real nice. The glow defo had a beautiful neon green going on. Also, if you wanted to pick up one of the GID skulls from Diablo Texas, you’re in luck. Not only are they available, but you can pick one up for FREE! You just have to pay for the shipping. Nice & easy. You can pick one up from the Diablo Texas store HERE.

The GID Chronicle Resin - Diablo
Most of our GID collection has the lime green glow going on, but not the next piece from JFury. We’ve got a blue glow! GID skulls were all the rage at DCon 2015. Ha. Another DCon pick up. Our eyes were obviously drawn to the GID through all the masses. We couldn’t help ourselves. JFury has done a great job with the glow too.

The GID Chronicle Resin - jfury
Our last entry into this edition of The GID Chronicle was a Kickstarter campaign we backed in 2016. Just Toylab brought to life Dink with the help of Kickstarter. We backed the GID version, obvs. It wasn’t as impressive in the GID department. It’s a real heavy solid resin piece, and we really had some high hopes but Dink didn’t satisfy our GID needs.

The GID Chronicle Resin
So that is resin edition of The GID Chronicle over. We’ll probably come back to the resin section again, as we still have numerous GID resin pieces in our collection that deserve an outing. We’ve got an idea for our next edition, though. Keep your eyes peeled on The Toy Chronicle for the next GID Chronicle 😀 x

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