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Collector Spotlight – Luke Skinner

We at the Toy Chronicle love a good collection and what better way to start than chatting with Woes superfan & long time collector – Luke Skinner:

Who are you and where are you from?
Luke Skinner, Sydney Australia

When did you start collecting?
About 7 years now

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What was your first designer toy or exposure to the scene?
My white 8″ INSA dunny and was hooked from there.
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Did you collect anything as a kid and do you collect anything else?
Yeah, as a kid I collected transformers and lego but over the years lost heaps of it so I decided id start collecting again and discovered vinyl toys and went from there.
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Anyone you’d like to see produce more?
Can never get enough Angry Woebots or Coarsetoys
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[frame align=”center”]1964962_10152205743012232_1194347265_n[/frame]
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How big is the scene in australia?
its a very small game here in Australia and hard to come across other collectors but it is here just hard to find.
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Whats your personal best piece of last year?
Id have to say my Angry Woebots custom Luke Chueh Target from stgcc
[frame align=”center”]1959421_10152205745192232_1302768133_n[/frame]
[frame align=”center”]1798444_10152205748237232_1840164133_n[/frame]
[frame align=”center”]1897768_10152205749272232_1484666158_n[/frame]
Favourite piece in your collection?
My Coarsetoys False Friends Pain and my Angry Woebots Stealth Panda King, I cant decide.
[frame align=”center”]1780825_10152205742877232_971224466_n[/frame]
[frame align=”center”]400634_10152205745287232_837717369_n[/frame]
Ultimate grail piece that you dont currently own?
Some of the original Coarsetoys Flake fluid and float pieces and the OG Panda King
[frame align=”center”]1969213_10152205747502232_1016952041_n[/frame]
[frame align=”center”]1609851_10152205747997232_1514384698_n[/frame]
[frame align=”center”]1901418_10152205744967232_526130041_n[/frame]
[frame align=”center”]1653341_10152205745027232_1799341114_n[/frame]
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