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Nugglife Party Pack Drop Friday May 26th 4:20pm EST

after a very successful five points fest nugglife is back dropping some dope shit This Friday, May 26th at 4:20pm EST  the “Party Pack” series featuring A couple customs figures, resin collectibles, and a cut n sew head to toe outfit.  What makes this series so special is that this is the first complete outfit nugglife have made so far.  Creating each piece of apparel from scratch like customizing a designer toy , we will have a studio tour blog soon showing the inner workings of the nugglife “life”

 PARTY NUGGS All I need are some tasty nuggs, a cool Buzz, and I’m fine 🙂
-3 inch custom dunny, with custom platform, featuring a mini stoned eye sand castle and surf board.
PARTY PACK APPAREL   Bringing it back to the 90’s just in time for memorial day!
-Party Pack 5 panel camper hat- $33
-Party boardshorts- $60
-Party Sleeves Cut & Sew tee- $33
-Party Tank- $31
-Party Pack Flip Flops- $25
Party Pack Complete set- $149  purchase this set and receive the limited edition “Stoned Eye” Sand Castle Exclusive
MAUI WAUI  Mini Nugs
-Ooo someone’s nuggs washed up on shore! Lets pop that jar open and get toasty ;).
-2.5-3 inch hand made mini nug
-$25 each
-limited to 5
STONED EYE DUNNY  3 inch custom dunny
-Stare into the eye as he gazes into yours, and don’t forget to hit that joint.
-Limited to 3
SPACED OUT Stoned Eye Resin Series
-The Eye has gone over board! Spiraling out of control all focus has been corrupted.
-$55 each
-series of 10
-each one is hand casted, painted, and numbered.
all pieces available here 420 est
look out next week for a special nugglife x czeetoyz drop

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