Josh Mayhem Presents the Puddle Dunny Spectrum Series!

The Puddle Dunny Spectrum Series by Josh Mayhem features 20 unique resin cast one-off’s that envelope the rainbow, and beyond. Painted in high-quality automotive paint, these pieces carry a variety of unique special effects such as colour change, prism reflection, ultra fine glitter, chrome, and transparency! Each Puddle Dunny will be numbered 1/1, and signed by Josh, and will be priced at $200.00 each plus shipping.

The Toy Chronicle spoke exclusively to Josh about this release and he had this to say:

[quote cite=”Josh Mayhem”]I definitely wanted them to each represent a different piece of the light spectrum, but the final colours and glitter combinations came about simply through curiosity and experimentation.[/quote]

The Puddle Dunny Spectrum Series releases 2/17 @ 10am PST (6pm UK) exclusively on!
Color Variant Names: Bubblegum, Candy Apple, Rust, Butter, Chameleon, Ooze, Soylent Green, Cobalt, Midnite, Sapphire, Indigo Night, Plum Drop, Oil Slick, Charcoal, Titanium, Black Chrome, T-1000, Marshmallow, Galaxy, and Raindrop.
Designer note: The number before each variant name indicates its place in line on the colour spectrum.  These will fly out so get in there fast
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