Eric Nilla x Zectron keshi madness

Eric Nilla who is considered the Godfather of self-produced Keshi
figures will be making a trip to the mini-figure motherland, Japan! To
celebrate his departure he’s teamed up with Zectron once again for a
bundle of different releases in his online shop. First up is a run of
Zectron’s classic Zardoz inspired head cast in solid gold rubber!

There will also be a batch of Zectron’s glow in the dark Crites packed
in glowing slime. The funniest item by far is the Crites versus Cats
set which puts thermal color changing Crites inside of cat shaped
capsules and comes with hilarious cat figures and horrible stickers as
well. There will also be a few bootleg versions of incredibly rare
keshi figures in the shop along with everything else. Everything drops
Friday(today)at 4pm PST in Eric’s online shop here

bless ups czee

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