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TTC Pedro looks back to 2021

So we made it through another year. And what a year it was… With the world still struggling and like I said recently on INSTAGRAM I’m grateful for this year.

Despite all we’ve been able to keep on working, collecting toys, talking and writing about them and above all to give artists a platform to express themselves.
Thank you all that read @thetoychronicle everyday. Thank you for the love and friendship!

I thought about doing a year rundown or those Top 10 we all love. That would not be fair as there are some many talented people and incredible creations out there, the amount of new and exciting things that came out this year is really impressive.Instead I’m just going to pick some toys that really spoke to me in some way. All by independent artists and creators, all that I wrote about in 2021. I’m sorry in advance if you feel left out, again, my intention is not to say who’s better or worst. But hey, if you still feel left out, holla at me and I’ll gladly mention you! Deal? Let’s do it! In no particular order, here are some of my picks for 2021.

Sucker by Ophelia Toys

Ophelia Toys debuted the long awaited Sucker inspired by vintage squeak toys and current monster sofubi! Since i first laid eyes on this Sucker (no pun intended) I was hooked! Plus Ryan Taylor of Ophelia Toys is an incredible human being. He even talked to us on his Sofubi Sabbath (read HERE). Go check it right now!!!

Vintage inspired sofubi with cosmic horror hints (we’re looking at you H.P.). The sculpt is on point, perfectly balanced with the size of the figure, stands 8 inches tall.

Kvtlvs OathBreakers Set by BLKCLVD

Mikee Riggs from BlkClvd brought us his incredible Kvtlvs, and this OathBreakers Set is out of this world.

A while ago we had the unique opportunity of speaking to Mikee (read HERE) and he told us that ‘There will always be battle sets because there will always be a battle‘. 

ALCEST, COBALT and FEN look simply stunning in this White and GID Marble cast with minimal paint.

Good things coming from BlkClvd in 2022. Stay tunned!

The Seeer and The Shaman Hellter Skellter Ver. by The Devils Kaiju

It’s no secret that The Devils Kaiju is one of our favourite artists out there. His sofubi psychedelic twins looked elite in this gory version, impossible no to mention. Lucky were the collectors who got them. This Hellter Skellter version is pulled in cherry red vinyl, with white and black spray detailing, splattered with violence.

Ring Around The Rosie Skellene

Oh another incredible production by the one and only Lulubell Toy. Skellene, the mourning doll by Miscreation Toys appeared in this beautiful soft vinyl cast in Hot Pink, Black & GID marbling. This is one for the sofubi history books.

JUNKZILLA (2nd Colorway) by Planet-X

Inspired by the unproduced Polluto toy from the Toxic Crusaders series, spiced up with a hint of Hedorah vibe, JUNKZILLA is the 3rd entry in PLANET-X REDUX series.

This second edition featured a limited glow in the dark soft vinyl cast.

Whitey The Fragile Shooter by DOLLAR $LICE BOOTLEGS

As always, our boy John Pryor aka Dollar $lice Bootlegs takes no prisoners when it comes to bootlegs. Trigger warning! Trigger happy ahead. As John explains ‘you can give it the meaning you choose’.

Eggie by Art Fabula

In 2021 Art Fabula Studio debuted Eggie! He’s big, round and has nice sneakers, meet Eggie! Eggie is almost like a Pokemon with an awesome fashion sense, we love it.

Get it while you can!!!

Pucker-up by Dingy Dave TTC Exclusive

2021 will be known as the year of the Pucker-Up. No joking, he resin shrunken head by Dingy Dave, master of horror at Creatures of Decay became a sensation and rightfully so as this piece is stunning. Of course our favourite was this exclusive The Toy Chronicle edition. Glow in the dark blue resin out of this world.

Barfie by M.U.D. Toys

Dynamic duo Onion Head and Masked Man, all powers combine, they form the recent M.U.D. Toys, Mad Ugly Dudes Toys. They brought us the rad Barfie! Atands 7 inches tall, sculpted in NY with cast by the legend Science Patrol. We love Barfie, 2022 will for sure see lots of releases (we sure do hope so).

Recipeforhaight x SMC Mini Foni-Oni

And this! Joshua Hansen of Saturday Morning Cult, known for his evil cute kaiju ‘Baphomet and Friends’ joined once more with the legend Travis Haight to bring us a smaller version of the 18″ tall Japanaese Oni. Mini Foni-Oni stands at 8 inches tall (yes that’s the mini version). This is the missing piece, a Foni-Oni you can carry anywhere, or just to look at in your toy shelf.

Again, thank you all for this amazing year. I’ll see you everyday here at

Tell me. Do you dig these toys? What did you get in 2021?

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