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 It’s the end of the world, or darn close.   We knew global warming was getting worse yet we did nothing about it.  We watched as the coastlines sped towards each other faster and faster each year.  What we didn’t anticipate though was that sea life was evolving in weird and advanced ways…  

Ophelia Toys

Just in time to make the charts of the best of the year (can it make it?), Ophelia Toys debuts the long awaited Sucker inspired by vintage squeak toys and current monster sofubi! We’ve been waiting for this since we spoke with the one and only Ryan Taylor of Ophelia Toys for his Sofubi Sabbath (read HERE).

Ryan has been a dedicated collector all his life and a very talented artist. He made his way painting customs with incredible detail, now the next logical step was for him to have his own toy. Designed by Ryan himself sculpted by binbizii and photography by Jenvankaam.

At first glance we loved Sucker, we are suckers for vintage inspired sofubi with cosmic horror hints (we’re looking at you H.P.). The sculpt is on point, perfectly balanced with the size of the figure, stands 8 inches tall.

Sucker is 8″ tall with 2 points of articulation at the neck and arm. The human arm with the ray-gun is interchangeable with a tentacle arm that is included with all blank releases. On top of it all comes with a perfect backstory:

Nick used to work at the Gas n Grub in a small midwest town.  He lived a simple life without many wants from the world.  But now his town is overrun by the infected as they push inland from the coasts.  The squid flu changes folks fast and nobody seems to be immune. Is there’s anybody left to develop a cure?

Over the last few months Nick himself has started to change and is now almost fifty percent Sucker.  He can still sorta see and can still hold a gun in his good hand but he’s getting worse every day.  It’s just a matter of time until he, and everyone, becomes a Sucker.

Ophelia Toys

Tiffany Blue colored blanks will be released at 10:00 a.m. Mountain time on Saturday, January 16th, 2021 at  The first painted run will be offered a week or two later. Updates will be available on Ophelia Toys INSTAGRAM and of course here at TTC.

This blank release will be $85.00 USD plus shipping and will include a soft enamel pin, sew-on Sucker patch, stickers, and a postcard. 

Ryan will have less than 20 Tiffany blue blanks available and around 10 painted pieces for this first run.  The painted release may be a bit different than the version shown here.

We can’t wait. Thank you Ryan for the perfect goodbye to 2020. We can’t wait to hold this sucker on our hands!

Happy New Year!

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