Meet Fink The Wooden Warrior.

Here we lay our eyes on a small wooden hand made creation named ‘Fink’.


Each Fink is hand carved from wood by Scott Bellwood. They each have their own accessories such as snoods, scarves, swords,  shields & staffs and are approximately 1.5 inches in height. For such a simple design these little guys work really well and are great for creating an army of wooden warriors. 


The attention to detail in such a small piece is amazing and these battle beasts each have their own character and personality. (and even voices if you’re into that).



Time to branch out with a little bit of appropriate dry humor.

A beech and a birch tree were arguing in the forest..”I am the greatest for I am a Son of a Beech!” said one. “I am the Greasiest of the forest trees for I am A SON of a Birch..”..This went on for weeks..Finally a woodpecker alights among the branches..he says..” well,you are both wrong, I just came from the other side of the forest..and I found the best piece of ASH I’ve had my pecker in”.




More information can be found on Fink’s Facebook Page or you can directly message Scott HERE.

What do you think?

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Written by Evan Morgan

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