*Updated* SYNTHETIC HUMAN – 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries Unboxing/Review/Video


Right from the start when I first saw the promo shots and sketches I knew I had to get one! dam it was the right choice. Companies should take note, 1000Toys TOA Heavy Industries have cracked the articulation game, absolutely smashed it! Hottoys,ThreeA,Revoltech and Figma should learn a few tricks. Obviously the design worked well with the articulation.The Synthetic Human is a perfect 10 inch tall from the Biomega manga features a humanoid highly articulated figure.

SYNTHETIC HUMAN - 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries back SYNTHETIC HUMAN - 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries

*****UPDATED****** Version of the YouTube Video Unboxing/Review

[youtube url=””]

OLD version of the YouTube Video Unboxing / Review ( sorry about the music level I am still new to video editing etc)

 The packaging 

Pretty simple packaging but fully protecting the figure, the futuristic minimalistic look.




The shoulder joints move inwards and outwards with nice rotation too. This figure does not have many limitations when it comes to articulation. Three sections in the midsection which can bend and turn. The neck is also flexible so most poses are easily done.





Nice stiff joints, but only time will tell if they get too loose, but having said that the quality of the plastic used looks good so fingers crossed the joints will last.


One of the party tricks has to be the skull head when you take the mask off,  but wait for it………. even has movable eyes, nice little touch.


I still wonder why they didn’t put a little articulation in the hands of the SYNTHETIC HUMAN. Maybe it would of been too fragile? who knows? I personally very happy with the figure and hope they continue to bring out more variants and also another run of this version (just waiting on confirmation on a third run)



The figure was priced at $120 and first pre-order was 4th March but sold out pretty quick. News leaked of a second run came to light and 1000Toys checked with their factory if they could get a second run! and guess what they pulled it off. Many people are waiting on news of third run so fingers crossed they will come and make the fans happy. I really do hope they keep making the line, If the SDCC version is to go buy then its another winner!

That clear mask is sick!


SYNTHETIC HUMAN - 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries body SDCC SYNTHETIC HUMAN - 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries exclusive test body back SYNTHETIC HUMAN - 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries human test body SDCC exclusive

This version to be sold at SDCC exclusive at Bluefin Distribution booth #140 priced at $159 features coloring and weathering changes from the original release and will be available in very limited quantities. After SDCC it will only be available at events in Asia. – See more at:HERE

At the end of this month, 3 exciting events will be held simultaneously in 3 different countries, and at each venue, the [TOA Heavy Industries 1/6 Synthetic Human Test Body] will be on sale in limited numbers.

The product will be sold at the following events.

?SDCC: $150 USD ?Bluefin booth

?ACGHK:$1200 HKD ?Sen-Ti-Nel booth

?WF:?15,500 JPY ?Sen-Ti-Nel booth

*Slight Update*

about the sales of the 1/6 Synthetic Human ‘Test Body’

We were able to secure a small number of the limited edition ‘Test Body’ for sale on the TOA Heavy Industries website.

Details on the time and method of the sales will be posted separately, after we are done with SDCC, ACGHK and WF events.

*Please note that the web sales will be VERY small in numbers, as this limited edition was originally intended for sale only at the summer events mentioned.

People will be fighting for this! good luck fingers and toes crossed I will get one.

SYNTHETIC HUMAN - 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries SDCC exclusive box packaging

SYNTHETIC HUMAN 1000toys rain BTP Thetoychronicle

SYNTHETIC HUMAN 1000toys running BTP Thetoychronicle



Less than 2 days till the re-issue of 1000Toys TOA Heavy Industries, Synthetic Human 3rd worldwide release. Today even better news for collectors, as the re-issue will come with an extra hand so you can use it to holding weapons seen in the picture below. The hand will be included with the 1/6 Synthetic Human (Reproduction Version) Great news right?

1000toys TOA Heavy Industries 16 Synthetic Human 2016 Re-issue extra handYes thats right now it’s your chance to beat the aftermarket price and bootleg shit thats around. Don’t miss this chance to experience the the cutting edge tech of TOA Heavy Industries – the original Synthetic Human that started it all!

1000toys TOA Heavy Industries onesixth 16 Synthetic Human 2016 Re-issue Pre-Orde close up

?Pre-Order Period
May 27th, 2016 11:00AM (JST) ~ May 30th, 2016 11:00AM (JST)

?Estimated Shipping Schedule
September, 2016

$150 (USD, WORLDWIDE Shipping Included in the price)
Orders will be limited to 3pcs per person.

1000toys TOA Heavy Industries onesixth 16 Synthetic Human 2016 Re-issue Pre-Order 1000toys TOA Heavy Industries onesixth 16 Synthetic Human 2016 Re-issue Pre-Orde front

1000toys TOA Heavy Industries onesixth 16 Synthetic Human 2016 Re-issue Pre-Orde side closeWe would suggest you use to find your timezone.
The sales will be held at the following online shop

Don’t forget you will need a new account at our web shop to buy the second run of the Synthetic Human.

Old accounts were not transferred to the new system so everyone will need to make a new account for this.

Orders will be taken for 3 full days, and all orders placed during this period will be accepted as long as the quantity is within the order limit(*3pcs per person).

TOA Heavy Industries 1:6 Synthetic Human Re-issue

[slider source=”media: 46061,46060″ limit=”100″ width=”1100″ height=”800″ title=”no”]

“We are happy to announce that the Original Synthetic Human will be made available via online Pre-order in 2016

We are still working out final details but we will increase production quantity for this to ensure as many as our fans as possible will be able to purchase this item.”

If thats not making your jaw drop then look out for the 1/12 scale version coming soon.TTC-SYNTHETIC-HUMAN-1000toys-TOA-Heavy-Industries-1-12th-scale-

To keep tabs on 1000Toys visit their WebsiteFacebook and Twitter


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