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Star Ace Toys 1/6 Scale Albus Dumbledore Figure Review

Star Ace Toys is known for their incredibly designed 1/6 scale collectible figures and more specifically so their line of Harry Potter collectibles. 

In July of 2017 Star Ace struck gold once again with another amazing, and if I do say so myself, their BEST looking collectible figure to date. I am talking about Star Ace Toy’s 1/6 Scale Figure of Albus Dumbledore.

Below is what you see when you remove the figure from it’s packaging. Star Ace almost always encapsulates an image from the movies or TV shows their figures are from and uses it as a backdrop for the collectible. 

A look inside the box

The inside flap shows a clear image of Dumbledore’s patronus charm, Fawkes the Phoenix. This high resolution image is printed inside the packaging to add a little more flair to the art of the box.
To begin, you don’t even have to check this out up close to see that this figure is beyond detailed. At a first glance you’ll see the lifelike hair, accurately sculpted beard, beautiful podium accessory, and screen accurate face that resembles actor Michael Gambon who played the iconic character in Harry Potter films 3-8. 

Let’s discuss the screen accuracy of this figures face and hands. Star Ace really captured the likeliness of Gambon’s face. It’s uncanny how it looks JUST like him. Every single wrinkle and freckle are in the right places. You’ll see on the hands Dumbledore is wearing all of his rings. Even the interchangeable hands have the rings on them.

The robe up close is what really sold me on this figure. You can see that it’s actually embroidered and not screen printed. It’s cut and fitted exactly like Dumbledore’s is in the films, and the colour is completely correct. This robe really makes this figure almost seem lifelike. 

This figure comes complete with Dumbledore’s hat, glasses, podium, Elder Wand, 3 alternate interchangeable hands, and sword of Gryffindor accessories. 

Of course who could forget the famous Elder Wand? Well, Dumbledore comes equipped with the most powerful wand in the Wizarding World and it too is impressive. Star Ace really caught the glamor of the wand with full detail which is really amazing for such a small piece. They even etched the markings on the wand for full accuracy. Truly amazing.

The podium is by far the most impressive piece. It has a very nice design with a gorgeously sculpted eagle attached and candles attached that actually LIGHT UP! You’ll need to acquire a 2016 lithium button battery to power this piece, but I assure you it’s worth it. This podium also has a sturdy base which holds its own and actually has a nice weight to it.

Lastly, the famous Sword of Gryffindor. You’ll see that this sword is scaled for 12 inch figures and actually has Godric Gryffindor’s name inscribed into it making it all the more impressive. The detail on the handle is also very well done. The best part about this sword is being able to place it in various Harry Potter figure’s hands to recreate iconic scenes from the movies!

I would highly recommend getting your hands on this collectible if possible. It’s nearly four years old now and REALLY hard to find and if you can find one it’ll cost you a pretty penny, but I assure you it’s so worth it. 

OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5!!! 
This figure is perfect in every sense of the word. From head to toe it’s beyond stunning and definitely a worthy piece for any collection. 

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