TTC Beard’s 2019 Top Shizzle of 2019 in 2019!

With over 3200 TTC posts over the course of 2019 it was always going to be hugely difficult to narrow it down to my favourite releases as the year draws to a close. I initially was set on choosing my Top Nine, so I could make a nice social media image to share on Facebook & Instagram, but I soon found that I couldn’t limit to only nine. To be fair I could have stretched it to 27… 54… 108 etc, but I decided to stick with TWELVE. 

I feel like with twelve I can get a good, honest selection of production, original, sofubi & resin releases from the last 12 months that caught my attention. In no particular order, moreso when these posts arrived on TTC throughout 2019. Enjoy! Let us know about your favourite releases of 2019!

Gary Ham’s Autumn Stag 20inch Dunny with Kidrobot


Mr Ham, despite his fears of Korean BBQ, is a man of great talent. His Autumn Stag Dunny release with Kidrobot, standing at 20inches tall, is testament to that. We only wish we had the space & $$$ at TTC HQ to display such a magnificent Dunny. 

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Kyle Kirwan’s Boneyard 5inch Dunny with Kidrobot


Following a sold out release with Clutter Studios, our pal Kyle followed it up with another sold out release with Kidrobot. Making his intricate Boneyard Dunny a thing of GID beauty! S T U N N I N G from Kyle!

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Baby G Greasebats from the Kaiju Dunny Battle Dunny Series


I unexpectedly found myself loving the Kidrobot x Clutter Kaiju Dunny Battle series that dropped earlier in 2019. Even more so I found myself falling in love with Baby G Greasebats designed by Chauskoskis x Jeff Lamm. To the point where these are some of my favourite Dunny ever released. 

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Little Voyagers Series by Coarse Toys

Long time lovers of Coarse, not just in 2019, but we loved their mini Little Voyagers series they brought out in 2019. Introducing some of their much loved characters, plus new ones into the mix too but in mini format! We still need to add the Cacti and Cats into our own collection at TTC HQ in 2020. Hunting them down individually has proved difficult (got to consider space and $$$, as per usual).

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Lil Dumpster Fire by 100% Soft

I think it is safe to say that the Lil Dumpster Fire by 100% Soft has 100% captured the hearts & imagination of the Designer Toy world this past year. Starting as a resin release, Lil Dumpster Fire had plenty of sell outs over the course of convention season in 2019. Moving into 2020, we all look forward to getting our hands on the vinyl version of Lil Dumpster Fire. 

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UOMINI – Guangong by Rastamoon

The bearded wonder that is UOMINI Guangong by Rastamoon definitely ticked all our beardy boxes this year! Dressed to impress and a nifty looking naginata too! Yes, please!

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Daruma Dolls by Resin Rookie

Resin Rookie is only rookie by name, as you can see from his resin releases this year. We have been thoroughly impressed. Our favourite was the resin Daruma Dolls he released a few months back. Hopefully we will see more of these in 2020, cos we want to get our hands on one!

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Pisyun by MezenDoll

Do we really need to say much about this release? I don’t think so. A picture is worth a thousand words. Are there a thousand words for penis? Probably. Also, check out the sassy lil ass on Pisyun!

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La Flamme 8inch Dunny by Junko Mizuno x Kidrobot

Back to the top of their 8inch Dunny game, Kidrobot brought us the La Flamme Dunny with Junko Mizuno and we were hooked! Stunning design & colours! A joy to have in our collection at TTC HQ!

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Chillin’ Canbot by Czee (and Quiccs)

Making a strong, late run for our Toy of the Year comes Czee and his Chillin’ Canbot release with Clutter Studios! Selling out in mere minutes in December, the OG Rust colourway by Czee alongside the Quiccs Lil Qwiky colourway. 

Definitely more of this to come in 2020! WE.CANNOT.WAIT.

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ShiShi the Tiny Guardian by Bigshot Toyworks

ShiShi the Tiny Guardian was so damn cute that we added him to our TTC family as a TTC exclusive colourway at DesignerCon this past November. We have long been a champion of the cute ShiShi and have been super happy to see it thrive this year. A successful Kickstarter campaign, as well as a number of awesome colourways have pushed ShiShi to the top of our favourite sofubi releases of 2019!

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Year of the Guggimon!

Twenty Nineteen definitely felt like the Year of Guggimon. From a number of vinyl releases by Superplastic, to bringing Guggimon to life with his own social media presence. Guggimon has been spitting his horror bars over the past five months on his IG (@guggimon). We have seen 5-foot Guggimon, 9inch Guggimon, 8inch Guggimon and our favourite 3inch Guggi as part of the Janky Series 2 release this year.

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