ToyCon UK Exhibitors – Part I

Only two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a flight back home after a wonderful ToyCon UK weekend. I saw many old and lovely new faces, spend too much money and of course, took a lot of photos. In the upcoming weeks, I will share the amazing work of all the fantastic artists that were able to make it to ToyCon UK. While we’re all going through a difficult time, I hope my ToyCon blogs will put a smile on your face that’s at least as big as mine when I was at ToyCon UK.

With things quickly changing, it was quite nerve-racking to wait until the doors opened and see how many people would show up. Saturday is always a very busy day, but nobody knew what to expect. Thankfully, while all the artists set up their booths, people were gathering outside.

Of course, nobody outside knew how beautiful the new venue was on the inside. I woke up ridiculously early though so I could take some photos before the doors opened. I loved the York Hall and its squeaky floors, but Novotel London West is something else! Super spacious, great light (I swear it was easier to take good photos!) and an overall pleasant atmosphere for both artists and visitors.

When it was time for the doors to open, T-Con was all ready to go stump his way through the day and it didn’t take long for people to find their favourite artists.

I will feature 6 booths each blog, starting with Chris Ryniak & Amanda Louise Spayd, JPK, Mumbot & Angry Duck, Nema Studios, Jason Siu and Frolic Factory.

As a huge fan of Chris and Amanda’s work, I was beyond excited when I found out they would come to ToyCon UK. Thankfully, even though they couldn’t make it, part of their work did. From hand-painted editions to mini-figures in all colours of the rainbow, their work definitely had me coming back to their booth more than once!

Their neighbour was no other than the amazing Jon-Paul Kaiser, who as usual brought pieces with details you can’t even imagine. I think Noodle might be my favourite as I love that guy’s smile and the nautical scene is amazing. But then again, the Katatsumuri are beautiful too, I love Kangorumple and the pretty little fox and the Dunnys are great too. So yes, very hard to pick a favourite, especially since there were some cool paintings as well.

Although Mumbot couldn’t make it, Angry Duck had a great booth that showed both of their work wonderfully. Mossy the Moss Spirit was so cute and I loved the bright colours of Mumbot’s Shelfghosts and Shumi. They were a great match with the fun and practical pieces of Angry Duck. My personal favourites were the oystercatchers (which I thought were penguins at first O:) ), but I also liked all the wearable art. Who wouldn’t want a nice pair of Angry Duck socks or panties and a tote bag to put all your newly acquired art in? Hopefully, both artists will be able to make it next year!

Nema Studios had an amazing booth once again. I love the style of all the characters and it was great to see how the world of Nema Studios expanded with new figures. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but Twilight Keeper Deathlatron was pretty amazing. Not only colourwise (look at that gold and orangy red!), but also because of the interchangeable parts. It’s definitely a great plus when you can interact with a piece. I love the silver version of Flightless too and it’s fun to see the different variants of Duckboy. I’m looking forward to seeing the expanded universe again next year!

Another super colourful and fun booth was that of Jason Siu. With both large and small speakers and small vinyl dolls in pink and yellow, this booth was hard to miss. Though pink and yellow are my favourite colours, I also loved the wooden-like speaker and the wide range of little bags with all kinds of cool prints.

The booth of Jason Siu.

Last but not least I’m ending my first ToyCon UK blog with the super cute work of Frolic Factory. It took me all of my will power not to expand my collection and I’m not sure if I made the right decision. Look at all the cuteness! I love it! From a little astronaut to sweet characters in unicorn outfits and a happy little polar bear, these little guys were absolutely adorable. If you like cute, you definitely have to check out Frolic Factory.

With that being said I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ToyCon UK post. There will be 5 more so keep your eyes out for the next one!

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