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ToyCon UK Exhibitors – Part III

This weekend saw the release of this year’s ToyCon UK super rare marbled T-Con. With only a few available left for sale it’s time for a Throwback Thursday and look back at some amazing artists that were able to come to ToyCon UK this year.

Ko-Re Ko-Re is always a delight to visit. With a wide range of Japanse and Asian collectibles it’s hard not to like something. The pink little fox is absolutely adorable and I also love Ultra Porky and Ultra Trinity, the grumpy pig and their exclusive Grape Brain Macaroni and Onigiri. Maybe I should get an extra cabinet…

Another booth with a huge assortment of different toys was that of W36 Toy Lab and Litor’s Works. From Rose Vampires to Negoras and gorgeous space themed Lapins, if you missed out on a limited toy before chances were you could find it here. Although I don’t collect these type of toys myself (yet haha) I always love looking at all the different versions. I think the red Rose Vampire is my favourite, but it’s not an easy choice!

The booth of of W36 Toy Lab and Litor’s Works.

While I always try to remain somewhat neutral when I write a blog I was a huge fan of the booth of Angry Hedgehog and Haï-Dee. Their work looked great together. Sam had a wonderful range of really pretty, bright coloured designer toys and I adored all Haï-Dee’s Gnooms. I mean, look at those faces! I love all the versions with their super clean look and different beards. Added bonus: super cool packaging! It was the first ToyCon UK for Haï-Dee (quite a year for a first visit!) and I really hope he will return for the next edition. The world needs more Gnooms.

The booth of Angry Hedgehog and Haï-Dee.

Without a doubt Muffinman was the most popular artist of ToyCon UK 2020. People lined up as early as 6 AM to get their favourite Robins and they sold out so quickly I couldn’t even get a photo of the editions except for the cute yellow sofubi Robin. Thankfully there were many brilliant custom Robins to be photographed as well (though I had to be fast as lightning to photograph these too). Every single artist that participated in the custom Robin show did such an amazing job! The details on each Robin were crazy. From a beautiful clockwork Robin by Doktor A to an absolutely breathtaking kingfisher by PJ Constable and gorgeous rainbow Robins by Miss Muju and Seriously Silly K, literally every piece was out of this world. Can I propose another custom Robin show for next year O:)?

Talking about super populair artists, Koncrete was also selling out so fast that I had no chance to photograph everything. Thankfully I did manage to capture a few of the wonderful pieces that were available for sale. The Blackout series is truly amazing and I definitely wasn’t the only one to feel that way. There were several cute Noodles too (ice cream <3) and these little guys never fail to put a smile on my face. More please!

Last but not least Toy Trash UK was another booth with a a great variety of pieces. My two favourites were from Banpresto: All Might and Midoriya, two characters from the manga series My Hero Academia (and yes I had to look that up). Although I know absolutely nothing about manga series at all I really liked the movement and colours of these two figures. Maybe I should start watching manga!

While I’m terribly slow showing off all the photos I took this year, I hope this blog series makes you feel like you were at ToyCon UK even if you couldn’t make it. I’ve got several great artists left to post about so it may take me some time, but I will be back!

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