ToyCon UK Exhibitors – Part II

What better way to end Easter than by writing another ToyCon UK blog? My last blog featured 6 awesome booths and I’m continuing with 6 more.

I love cute art and Vodka Margarine just makes the cutest creatures. I mean, every single piece is so incredibly adorable! It melts my heart. In the end I just simply couldn’t resist them anymore and I got myself two grumpy mushrooms that are currently being their adorable grumpy selves at my desk, watching (or judging) me as I blog. Other favourites included the little guys in unicorn and moose onesies, floaty donuts and pumpkins. I’m looking forward to seeing more cuteness next year!

Although CreatureCave couldn’t make it, Rach Makes had a wonderful booth with both of their work. The details on the Venom prints were amazing and I loved all the bright coloured magnets. There were plenty of other amazing little creatures too. From dice mice to foxes in cute costumes, acorns and mini mandrakes, all of these little guys looked amazing. To be fair, the big guys like the huge mandrake and plushies were great too. It’s always a pleasure looking at the art of these artists and I hope both can make it to ToyCon UK next year!

Flatties, Strawberry Stickers and Matt Jones also shared booths. It was really fun to check out the boxes filled with all kinds of toys. I was a bit slow running from booth to booth at the opening on Saturday so I missed out on a few cool pieces, but some people definitely got lucky! I also loved all the custom Lunartik Teas that were on display. It’s amazing to see how each artist uses the platform and creates a lovely little or big cup of tea. These booths without a doubt had something for everyone!

Although you can’t really call the work of Mike Strick cute, I like it! There was such a nice variety of pieces and the details on all of them are wonderful. The plague doctors were right on point with all that’s been going on, though I’m definitely going with Fever Scarlet instead of Corona Orange! Dairy Princess was looking her pretty self and was joined by other cool characters like skull snails and an alian. All in all Mike brought a great assortment of artwork once again and it would be lovely to see him at ToyCon UK 2021.

After a break, Flawtoys was back at ToyCon UK again this year. Woohoo! It’s always nice to talk to a fellow Dutchie and of course his work is amazing. The Strangers have the most wonderful bright colours and the No Face pieces are super clean as well. They look really great as a group and if I had to pick a favourite, I’d pick several haha. I love the Strangers with the skeletons inside of them and the yellow and orange No Face pieces. Fingers crossed Flawtoys will be back again next year to show off his amazing work!

The booth of Flawtoys.

Someone who also brings a lot of colour to ToyCon UK is Okkle. And there are so many cute characters to choose from! I thought the hermits were particularly cool and I loved the pottery pieces (sidenote: I was right on time as the white piece sold as soon as I took this photo). It’s always fun to see artists using different materials and pottery doesn’t come by that often in the designer toy world so that was a nice addition.

With that being said, it’s time for me to go to bed and dream about the wonderful weekend I had at ToyCon UK. I’ve always loved going there, but especially now it’s nice to look back and be grateful for another amazing year filled with great toys and even more amazing people. Stay home, stay safe and dream about toys!

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