New Maximillian Ca$h by Pete Fowler x Superplastic

The first time we laid eyes on Maximillian Ca$h by Pete Fowler x Superplastic, we knew straight-away that we had to have Ca$h in our collection. Superplastic first teased us with the ‘Weekend in Malibu’ colourway of Maximillian Ca$h (we’ll get to this shortly), but they actually kicked off their Kickstarter campaign with the Falling into Autumn colourway. These wonderful new colours really caught our attention, we soon forgot about the Weekend in Malibu tease.

Falling into Autumn WAS limited to 333 pieces, and has since sold out of this colourway. But fear not! Superplastic announced their “new” colourway earlier this week – the aforementioned Weekend in Malibu – in celebration of smashing their $25k target (currently at $288k at time of writing). This ‘summer AF’ colourway really brightens up our eyes & mind.

There are a number of options available for you if you’re a fan of the new Maximillian Ca$h colourway. If you have already pledged for the Falling into Autumn, you can add-on the Weekend in Malibu colourway to your pledge for an additional $75 price. A really great price for a 9inch figure, in our humble opinion. You can pledge HERE. If you have yet to pledge, you can pledge $110 and you’ll get Weekend in Malibu Maximillian Ca$h as well as King Janky the First, and THREE Janky Blindboxes. All pledges can be found HERE.maximillion-cash-pete-fowler-superplastic-full

So who is Maximillian Ca$h we hear you cry? Great question. Well, he is 67 years young. Born into an eccentric wealthy fam, Max was brought up all over the world, in & out of several dimensions created by his ‘rents. Having a seemingly endless amount of $$$ to his name, Maximillian travels the world collecting every piece of hype limited edition items. He’s the ultimate hypebeast. He’s probably in some way related to The Collector from the Marvel universe. With over 1.3 billion Instagram followers, Max somehow manages to be at the front of the queue to cop whatever he’s tracked down.

It is wildly rumoured that if you touch the hem of his powerful coat, he will bestow good fortune & always clean sneakers! Damn, we need to touch. Just don’t ask him to take his head off.

The Toy Chronicle love a good back story and the Maximillian Ca$h adventure really captures our imagination. I think it is fair to say that we have a new found respect & love for Max now that we know his story.

If you want to get in on the hype, you can pledge your support to Superplastic HERE.

More details on the Superplastic Kickstarter Campaign

There are 16 awesome artists involved in the Janky Series 1. Ricardo Cavolo (Spain), El Grand Chamaco (Mexico), Dalek (USA), Camilla D’errico (Canada), Pete Fowler (UK), Huck Gee (USA), Mark Gmehling (Germany), Joe Ledbetter (USA), Jason Limon (USA), mcbess (France), Junko Mizuno (Japan/USA), Dolly Oblong (Switzerland/Korea), Jake Parker (USA), Sket One (USA), Tado (UK), Bubi Au Young (Hong Kong). Each coming up with their unique take on this new platform. We have truly, madly, deeply fallen in love with the Janky platform. Some of these designs are mesmerising. Tantaclanky Tears by Camille D’Errico being one of our new favourites after we’ve stared at them all day this week! Wow!


These are all available as part of this awesome Superplastic Kickstarter campaign HERE. They are part of a blind box series, so you don’t know which you’re getting but that’s the fun of blind boxes! That was our first experience of Designer Toys when we first got our hands on a Kidrobot Dunny blind box. We fell in love. There will be many that fall in love with Janky. New Designer Toy fans, current Designer Toy collectors and some that had previously moved away from the Designer Toy scene over the past few years, will be drawn in by the beautiful designs by the array of talent that Huck & Paul have pulled together for this series.

King-Janky-The-First-SuperplasticThere is more though! There is always more! We told you yesterday about the rightful king, King Janky the First. A limited launch edition of  King Janky designed by Huck & Paul. You’ll only be able to get your hands on the King if you pledge to the Superplastic Kickstarter. You can pledge your undying support HERE. King Janky starts at the $35 pledge and is available in all the higher pledges too. For $35 you’ll get King Janky and THREE Janky Blindboxes too.


There is also the 8inch Janky, Be-Ni-To by El Grand Chamaco, which is also available as a pledge. Jumping in at the $100 pledge, you’ll get the 8inch Janky, 3 x Janky Blindboxes and the King of Janky too. You can pledge for Be-Ni-To HERE.

With 28 days left of this Kickstarter campaign, we are certain that we are going to see some great additions for you to pledge – case in point the new Weekend in Malibu colourway of Maxilmillian Ca$h this week. We’ll keep you posted on these. You can be one of the first to know using our TTC Mobile App. Designer Toy news the EASY way! Just like you love it! Totally FREE. Totally ACES. Search The Toy Chronicle on both the App Store and Google Play to download to your smartphone.


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