King Janky the First Superplastic Kickstarter Launch Edition

We introduce to you, King Janky of the House Janky, First of His Name, the Vinyl, King of the Superplastic and the First Janky, Khal of the Designer Toy Sea, Breaker of Resin, and Father of all that is good. YES! King Janky is here. When we announced the new Superplastic Kickstarter yesterday, we brought you news of a new Janky design that will make up part of this awesome campaign pledges. An exclusive design by Huck Gee for this Kickstarter campaign.


The only way to get your hands on this special first edition King Janky is to pledge your sovereignty to the Superplastic Kickstarter campaign HERE. King Janky first appears in the $35 pledge level. For $35, you’ll get King Janky the First as well as THREE Janky Blind boxes too. A marvellous deal for $35 (£26).  We’ll let you in on a little secret too, TTC had a little say in the final design of King Janky. Ha. Ok, it was a mini opinion on the colour scheme of King Janky but we’ll take that when the history books are written. We love the pink accents on King Janky, along with the grey suit. Regal AF!

At the time of writing, Superplastic have already raised over $165k. That is in around 24hours of being live! Incredible achievement. Could this campaign reach $1,000,000? We still have 30 days left, so it is a possibility. If you’re keen to support the Superplastic Kickstarter, you can start to make your pledge HERE.

There are 16 awesome artists involved in the Janky Series 1. Ricardo Cavolo (Spain), El Grand Chamaco (Mexico), Dalek (USA), Camilla D’errico (Canada), Pete Fowler (UK), Huck Gee (USA), Mark Gmehling (Germany), Joe Ledbetter (USA), Jason Limon (USA), mcbess (France), Junko Mizuno (Japan/USA), Dolly Oblong (Switzerland/Korea), Jake Parker (USA), Sket One (USA), Tado (UK), Bubi Au Young (Hong Kong). Each coming up with their unique take on this new platform. We have truly, madly, deeply fallen in love with the Janky platform. Some of these designs are mesmerising. Tantaclanky Tears by Camille D’Errico being one of our new favourites after we’ve stared at them all day yesterday! Wow!


These are all available as part of the Superplastic Kickstarter campaign HERE. They are part of a blind box series, so you don’t know which you’re getting but that’s the fun of blind boxes! That was our first experience of Designer Toys when we first got our hands on a Kidrobot Dunny blind box. We fell in love. There will be many that fall in love with Janky. New Designer Toy fans, current Designer Toy collectors and some that had previously moved away from the Designer Toy scene over the past few years, will be drawn in by the beautiful designs by the array of talent that Huck & Paul have pulled together for this series.

There is more though! It’s not all Janky, Janky, Janky in this Kickstarter. Nope. Working with the Superplastic team, Pete Fowler has created an astonishing 9inch new Designer Toy figure. This has got DTA Winner written alllll over it. Maximillion Ca$h enters the Kickstarter in the $110 pledge level, where you get the Ca$h figure, 3 x Janky Blind boxes and the King Janky the First figure discussed above. If you want to get your hands on the Maximillion Ca$h figure, you can pledge your support HERE.


The 8inch Janky, Be-Ni-To by El Grand Chamaco is also available as a pledge. Jumping in at the $100 pledge, you’ll get the 8inch Janky, 3 x Janky Blindboxes and the King of Janky too. You can pledge for Be-Ni-To HERE.

With 30 days left of this Kickstarter campaign, we are certain that we are going to see some great additions for you to pledge. We’ll keep you posted on these. You can be one of the first to know using our TTC Mobile App. Designer Toy news the EASY way! Just like you love it! Totally FREE. Totally ACES. Search The Toy Chronicle on both the App Store and Google Play to download to your smartphone.

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