Missing the Blue Sky by Javier Calleja x APPortfolio

All ‘eyes’ are on Javier Calleja this week with his release of Missing the Blue Sky, which drops later this week, courtesy of APPortfolio! This wide-eyed adventurer brings Calleja’s work into the 3D world, and we couldn’t be happier to see this release. Too cute to handle on a Sunday afternoon? Narh, we love the cute on a Sunday! Bring on the cute!

Missing the Blue Sky stands at around 13inches tall and will sell at $460/£339 + shipping. Missing the Blue Sky is limited to 200 pieces.

If you’re interested in this sweet ‘Missing the Blue Sky’ release, you’ll find that at 3pm BST (10am ET) on 25th September over on the APPortfolio store HERE (please note that the store currently says SOLD OUT, that is not the case as it doesn’t release until 25/09. Don’t go to eBay to buy one from a flipper)!!

Whilst packaging isn’t always a necessity for The Toy Chronicle, in terms of whether we keep the box or not, we find the packaging for Missing the Blue Sky very nice. Looks to be well secured in the foam. Nice presentation box. What are your thoughts on boxes for your art?

[box title=”Important Details”]
WHEN: 3pm BST on 25th September (10am ET)

WHERE: https://apportfolio.shoplineapp.com

PRICE: $460 (£339)



Go check out Javier’s Instagram for all his amazing pieces of art!

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