Prepare your Bank Accounts for MP Gautheron x Kidrobot

Before we start, we should make it crystal clear that your bank account needs a pre-warning. Not in a bad way though, oh no! We’re talking about the latest custom collaboration series by MP Gautheron x Kidrobot that is about to drop soon. Every single piece, as you’ll soon see, is bloody amazing! You’ll want one piece, you’ll likely want two pieces, maybe even three! We wouldn’t blame you. Each piece is a true beauty. MP Gautheron, we salute you! Ok, let’s start to check them out…. first up is the 8inch series (ok this could also be the 3inch series too)…

Below you’ll see the whole custom series that MP has put together, and we are absolutely BLOWN AWAY! Amazing work by MP, right?! At this stage, we don’t have any official details on the release of these beautiful pieces of art. Once we hear, we’ll bring you all the kick-ass details.

Go check out MP Gautheron on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for the progress shots on her work! Well worth it!

Don’t forget that we featured MP’s work earlier this week when she customised three 400% Bearbrick pieces. These are 11inches in size and are absolutely glorious! You can purchase them HERE for £912.


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