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Lego News: New Marvel Helicarrier & Ideas Sets!

We have some tasty Lego treats for you today ladies and gentleman, and one of them is huuuuge!

First off, let’s look at the new sets we can expect to see in our shops from Lego Ideas. There were 9 projects with enough votes to go up for review by Lego, including Ghostbusters HQ and the X-men: X-Mansion, but only 2 were successful.

Feast your eyes on the adorable Wall-E set:

[frame align=”center”]  Lego Ideas Wall E Set    [/frame]

[frame align=”center”]Lego Ideas Wall E Views[/frame]

Look at him! This little sweetheart has been captured perfectly, but the design may change a little before it’s released.

Next up, a set that’s super exciting for any Whovians out there; it’s Doctor Who and Companions:

[frame align=”center”]Dr Who and Companion Sets Win Lego[/frame]

[frame align=”center”]Dr Who and Companion Sets Lego[/frame]

Those minifigures are so fun and David Tennant’s little pinstripe suit looks ace!  Again though, these sets may change slightly before release.

Now for something a bit special.

The new Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier set:

[frame align=”center”]SHIELD Helicarrier Lego[/frame]

[frame align=”center”]SHIELD Helicarrier Lego inside[/frame]

It’s just super cool. It’s over 11″ high, 31″ long and 17″ wide and includes a display stand for not only the Helicarrier, but the minifigures too!

[frame align=”center”]SHIELD Helicarrier Lego Minifigures[/frame]

These are your full-size minifigs, but you also get a collection of dinky minifigures with your Helicarrier, and 3 fighter jets, to play with. Due on 19th March, this set will set you back £269.99, which is crazy, but it still looks super-cool!

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