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So here it is, the king of resin himself and the man with the lump on his forehead DMS. (He left his shedio, so his shedio gave him something to remember him by.)

So…Introduce yourself, what’s your name (other than your artist/business name)?

My name is Dan, aka DMS and I’ve been making resin toys full time for almost five years. I’m old, I’m immature and I can be quite annoying.

dms face

Are you an artist from the get go, or developed through time and being in the hobby?

I was into drawing as a kid and got into graffiti at about 11, which I still love. I’ve always been arty farty, my Nan used to say that I would be an artist or a criminal and that I would starve if I had to work.

dms graffiti

How did you discover the world of designer/art toys?

I was working as a webmaster (and hating it) for a mainstream online toy store and was asked by a customer about a toys material, for safety concerns. I was told it was vinyl and googled vinyl toys for info and Kidrobot’s Dunny popped up.

What inspires you?

Everything really. I love to see my wife Neese engrossed in making her plush, it was great that Raar! made it to the DTA finals this year for Best Plush! Other things like films, music, graffiti, messed up dreams, life, death, beer and cider. I’ve got a bit of a thing about rusty metal and weathered paint, which some (most) people find a bit strange. I just wake up wanting to make things and play around, somehow I’ve managed to make that my job.


Who/what is your biggest influence?

Wanting to get ideas out of my nagging head and into reality. I’m obsessed with making pieces in the same way people are about collecting them. My biggest inspiration and drive for motivation is being able doing what I want, when I want and people being into it.


When you sit to create, can you describe your ideal setting? For example: do you have music playing, if so what kind/artist, what kind of drink do you have next to you and what are the tools that are a must for you to have on your desk?

I work between a studio room at home and a shed studio, depending on what I’m doing. Sometimes I like music/films on and other times I prefer silence. My tools range from a lump of clay and sculpting wax, to silicone, resin and pressure pot. I also design on a computer for styrene designs and 3D prints. I drink a lot of coffee while I’m working.


What do you find is the most laborious part of creating resin pieces?

I think most of the production proccess can be repetative, it’s the work side of things and it’s real work. The most fun is the initial idea and design but without the work it can’t exist as something physical. I like to work on anything from new sculpts, designs, stencils, even making music, while resin cures. Turning an idea into something you can hold is the ultimate reward.


Do you have a favourite piece of art, that you created, that you cannot part with?

I’ve got prototypes I wouldn’t sell, like Duster, T42, Skelevex. I try to keep one of everything I make but it doesn’t always happen.


Is there anything you’re working on that you can tell us about?

I’m working on new mecha pieces that are taking me ages, I’m just letting those come together in their own time. There will be a blindbox mini Skelevex series called Bag of Bones coming next year and other colourways and versions with my collaborator Chris ‘Alto’ Dobson. I’m working on some quite abstract alien species pieces in wax at the moment, something a bit more experimental. Neese and me are always collaborating on her plush monster Raar! I’m constantly working on new stuff.


Who are some of your favourite toy artists?

I don’t really have favourites, It’s more about each individual piece just based on whether it’s my thing or not. There are way too many talented people out there for me to do a list and not miss someone! I admire everyone who is just doing their own thing.


What do you think of the current designer toy scene?

It’s like any scene, there are things I like about it and things I don’t. What got me into all this are the pieces that have an edge to them, however subtle, that separates them from standard mainstream toys. I’m not into generic products that seem no different to children’s toys and corporate mascots. Personally I prefer pieces hand made by people to products made by companies, that’s just my opinion on it.

Have you got any shows coming up within the next year?

I’ve had invites to take part in quite a few shows next year but nothing that I’ve committed to yet.

Do you have any words of wisdom for an aspiring artist wanting to begin showing his/her work?

Just do your own thing and do it yourself, for yourself. If you’re happy with what you’ve made when it’s done, even if other people aren’t into it, it’s worth doing. Don’t wait around for someone else to produce your ideas, put your money where your mouth is and do it yourself. Work hard, be determined, be friendly and most importantly have fun.

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us, finally where can people check out your work/contact you?

Thank you too, people can contact me through and Except Evan Morgan, who I have a restraining order against, cheers.

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