Uncle Absinthe

Uncle Absinthe “The Unfortunate Gardener”

If you don’t know who the awesomely beardy Uncle Absinthe is then you are surely missing out. He is known for encrusting his customs with leafy and branchy goodness. For the past few weeks he has been teasing images of his Skelevex custom and finally today he has released the finished pictures. The amount of detail he adds into every leaf and branch is amazing and is so complimentary towards the faceted shape of Skelevex.

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Every single toy design that Absinthe touches instantly flourishes with its nature inspired sculpted beauty and looks great on everything from Skelevex to Lunartik and Cavey. Just as you think Absinthe couldn’t any better he mentions to us here at TTC how he  is about to broaden his horizons as he tells us a little about his future plans.

“I bought a load of Vinylmation blanks back from the States to play with so they may be the next to get the leafy treatment, also got some non leafy Cavey plans too up my sleeve.”

If you are a fan of this work then you should definitely get in contact with Absinthe before his commission list is through the roof.

You can view all of this amazing work on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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