‘Rogue Corsairs’ custom set by JPK.

The well known and outstanding work of JPK is back again with not just one but THREE mecha customs for a private commission. The amazing pictures taken by Justin Allfree that are featured below clearly show the fine detail and inscriptions on the pieces which are a reoccurring theme with a lot of his work. The choice of a black background and a white gives the pieces a whole different perspective on the opposing colour. Once again he has out done himself with these and each figure has so much character.
“These are a trio of 3″ Dunny customs with a warped mecha theme; they’re ancient corsairs who’ve been plying their trade and pillaging along the space lanes for millennia. Light-drives and the stellar radiation have given them unnaturally long life, allowing them to worship corrupted gods and prey on vulnerable cargo-ships. Encased in suits of ancient armour that is now so warped that it has fused with their mutated bodies.”
Corsairs_Group Shot_BL
Jpk is currently open for commission and can be contacted through his Website.
His other work can be seen on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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