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Dutch Wonder – Interview with BashProjects!

For this week’s Artist Interview, we thought we’d add a little bit of exotic talent to the mix! So we e-travelled over to the land of clogs & tulips to pick the brain of one of the most up-and-coming properties on the scene – Bash Projects!

So, introduce yourself, what’s your name (other than your artist/business name) and tell us a little about yourself?

My parents named me Bas Petter 30 years ago. I was born & raised in Haarlem, the Netherlands. My father taught me how to draw from an early age and I never stopped. At the age of 12, I started to sign my drawings with the name “Bash” and because I have so many projects (toys, bikes, paintings, drawings, graffiti, design & more) I decided to create my own company called “Bashprojects”.

Were you always interested in art? When you were growing up, what did you want to do?

Was I always into art? Not so much! But character-design? Yes! From the moment that I can remember I drew characters. They all needed a backstory, that’s what made them more than just a drawing.

These days I’m enjoying art more & more. The work of Banksy, Obey, London Police and almost all of the artist on the Berlin streets made me like street – and contemporary-art.

How did you discover the world of designer/art toys?

My designertoys collection started at OutlandStore in Amsterdam. Jerome showed me the art, started my obsession & even helped me with my first art exhibition: CardboardBash!

[frame align=”center”]Cardboard Bash[/frame]Cardboard Bash

I started customizing after DonP, ReetNeet and EechOne showed me the way. I finally could create the characters I wanted to create. 3d programs were never my friend and my 2d drawing never fully complimented my characters. I love customizing/creating!

What inspires you?

Colours, I love bright colours! And of course everything that’s cute 🙂

Who/What are your biggest influences?

My biggest influence, when I started to look for my own style, was Amanda Visell. I love the style of her paintings. When I tried to copy her style I found my own style & loved the outcome.

When you sit to create, can you describe your ideal setting? For example: do you have music playing, if so what kind or artist, what kind of drink do you have next to you and what are the tools that are a must for you to have on your desk?

Let me sketch you an image…or two!

I sculpt my toys while sitting on the sofa in the livingroom while watching tv or a good movie. I always sculpt a few toys in one night.

When I paint I have my own room/mancave with a workstation prept for painting. Usually I put on some music. The music can be anything, from Eminem and Mumford & Sons to Yann Tiersen.

[frame align=”center”]Bashprojects Workspace[/frame]The Workspace of Bash!

Do you have a favourite piece of art, that you created, that you cannot part with?

I still have my first piece “Fred & Ginger” that I will never part with.

[frame align=”center”]Fred & Ginger[/frame]Fred & Ginger

And I still love “Bert the Beaver and his Wooden Labbit Home”, I’m surprised it isn’t sold yet.

[frame align=”center”]Bert the Beaver[/frame]Bert the Beaver

Is there anything you’re working on that you can tell us about?

I’m always working on something! I still have a Mega Munny and a 10” Labbit in progress. And I’m currently finishing my Pain edition of the 7″ Omen by Coarse “Woods in Pain”. If you guys know any unique toys that I could customize, let me know. I’m always into new toys!

[frame align=”center”]WIP Omen[/frame]Woods in Pain – WIP Coarse Omen

Who are some of your favourite toy artists?

Amanda Visell, Joe Ledbetter, JPK, David Horvath (love the Bossy Bear characters!), Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Muttpop, Coarse… and I really like the customs by Squink.

What do you think of the current designer toy scene?

The custom scene is growing while the production scene is playing it safe. Especially Kidrobot, who need to kick it up a notch. I love the work of Huck Gee, but I don’t have to see him in every Dunny Series.

Have you got any shows coming up within the next year?

I started customizing at the end of 2012 and I have already featured in some great shows! In 2014 I hope to join even bigger shows.

For the rest of this year I still have a few great shows coming up. “Toyheist”, a show by Flawtoys and D.T. Customs, will start on Friday 29th November and I will have four customs in that show.

[frame align=”center”]ToyHeist - BashProjects[/frame]Bash Projects @ ToyHeist Custom Show

Five Gift-Dunny’s are on their way to NY to join the “Giftwrapped” show in December. This will be the second Clutter Magazine show I will be attending.

[frame align=”center”]GiftWrapped by Bash Projects[/frame]Bash Projects @ Clutter Magazine ‘GiftWrapped’ Show

Do you have any words of wisdom for an aspiring artist wanting to begin showing his/her work?

Be proud of your own work! I only make the stuff that I would love to own myself 🙂

Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us, finally where can people check out your work/contact you?

They can check my customs on and follow my Facebook.

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