Squink – ToyconUK 2015

Squink is known for the outstanding detail in his paint work and his utterly cute characters, every year he blows us away with all of his ToyconUK prep and we just love seeing what he comes up with. Unsurprisingly he has been hard at work portraying his iconic style on multiple platforms which will be filling his booth this year including custom Dunnys, Munnys, Miscko’s, Figgle Bits, Three A and many more platforms as well as his own resin pieces. Below you can see all of the work Squink will be displaying on his booth at the end of this month. Personally I can not wait to see it all up close and stare in disbelief at his line work.

To get an idea on prices for Squink’s work at ToyCon UK, we have a little price list here:

Otto The Thunder Bear (Bossy bear Kaiju). One off. £85.
Blow Up Dunny (Mono Dunny). One off. £65.
Ken The Tiger (Mono Dunny). One off. £65.
Kii-Blo (Mono Black outfit Dunny with record). One off. £70.
Rez (NIN Tee Mini Munny). One off. £110.
The Watcher (Stone Mini Munny). One off. £100.
Sleeping Crag (Stone Dunny). One off. £70.
The Mallowing (Ryniak Figgle Bit). One off. £65.
Lucky (Lucky Cat Micro Trikky). One off. £60.
The Dreamer – Goodnight (Purple painted resin). One off. £50.
My Final Breath (Sparkle clear base). One off. £50.
My Final Breath (Sepia). One off. £50.
My Final Breath (warm grey). One off. £50.
Shadow Pigment (Micro Negora). One off. £30.
Sunset Hideaway (Purple Nenne). One off. £70.
POP! (Weathered Fatcap). One off. £60.
For The Empire (Purple samurai Dunny). One off. £70.
Amper(Sand) (Orange 3A Square). One off. £85.
Jnr Stump (Mini Marshall). One off. £65.
Waiting On Enceladus Toycon Ed (Resin Head Dunny). One off. £65.
Atrocity (MAD zombie Dunny). One off. £65.
Hero (Custom Misko). One off. £50.
Woodland HüG (Custom large version HüG). One off. £110.

Check out Squinks website by clicking on the logo below, also check him out on: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.



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