Copper Creeps Series 4 Dok A

Copper Creeps are back and series 4 is launching at toycon in 2 days time

The two new characters in the classic horror series are

The Gillman, denizen of fetid swampland and marshes. 

 The Phantom, mythic haunter of the Opera house.

Phantom stands a slender 4? tall.
The Gillman is a chunky 3? tall.

The figures will be available in both “Cold-Cast” Pewter and Bronze open editions as well as the super limited, hand-painted Mono edition of only 20 pieces
each signed and numbered by Doktor A

All the versions and the rest of the range of 8 characters will be available from the Doktor A booth at Toycon as well as launching online from copper creeps the same day.
Metal versions £40. Mono painted versions £90.

Really pleased to add that Copper Creeps is a finalist nominee in this years DTAs. In the category of Best Mini Figure Series and well deserved to !!
here is the store link in case u cant make it to toycon this year , which is so close we can taste it

bless ups czee

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