Punk Muckey Collect & Display ToyConUK Exclusive

Punk Muckey – ToyCon UK Exclusive at Collect & Display

Collect & Display have a pretty neat new exclusive for ToyCon UK 2015.  The massively popular Muckey Bear by Instinctoy will have a new colourway exclusively on the C&D booth. Meet Punk Muckey!

[frame align=”center”]Punk Muckey ToyCon UK Exclusive[/frame]

Punk Muckey will be Limited Edition of 50 pieces. It will have a glow in the dark body, with pink flocked belly and ears!

[frame align=”center”]Punk Muckey ToyCon UK Exclusive GID[/frame]

Punk Muckey will be priced at £90.00 each. Exclusively at Collect & Display during the ToyConUK day!

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