TTC Reviews: Arcane Divination Dunny Series by J*RYU x Kidrobot!

The time is here! The time is now! The Arcane Divination Kidrobot Dunny Series by J*RYU is here! We heard a small tap at our front door this morning, opened it and no one was there except a brown box. No one in the corridor. Weird. We step inside and slowly open the box. To our surprise, we are presented with a shining light and a slight fog. Inside the box resides the much-anticipated Arcane Divination 3inch multi-artist Dunny series. Curated by J*RYU, he has put together a super group of artists that each created a number of designs for this Dunny series. JPK, Tokyo Jesus, Godmachine & Camilla d’Errico are exactly what we needed, and exactly what we got.

The Hierophant by JPK (Red & White variants). Both incredible sculpts. Some serious weight in each. Loving these.
The Fool & The Hanging Man by JPK. Another two great sculpts. Weighty again. Beardy. JPK really excels in this series. His skills & art were definitely made for Arcane Divination.
The back of each of JPK’s FOUR Dunny in Arcane Divination. Nice touch. Very nice.
The Magician by Godmachine. Loving the skull mask affixed to this glossy Dunny.
Death by Tokyo Jesus (Black & White variants). Just insane. Pure insane. Just soak it in.
The back of Death by Tokyo Jesus. If you thought the fronts were insane, the rear go super-insane!
The Empress & Judgement by Tokyo Death. Loving the pink colour palette on these. Even crazier new sculpting. Judgement’s trumpet is something to behold! The eyes, the fingers, the skulls.
The backs of The Empress & Judgement by Tokyo Jesus. Sculpted skulls & Printed skulls. Both awesome in these instances.
The Lovers, The High Priestess & Temperance by Camilla d’Errico! The Lovers has a translucent heart through its chest, to symbolise they each share the same heart. Comes with a glow in the dark snake wrapped around the forbidden fruit.
Flocked wings for Temperance by Camille d’Errico! Flocked!
The Sun & The Moon, alongside The Wheel of Fortune by J*RYU. where to start with these! The Sun & The Moon is GID! So at night the Sun disappears to only show the GID moon!
The Wheel of Fortune has the spinning wheel. The added sculpts to this piece is crazy in details. The serpent, the devil, even the ears of the Dunny have mini sculpts added to them.
The Wheel of Fortune ties in nicely with J*RYU’s Clairvoyant too. There are numerous connections with the 8inch Dunny released earlier this year. Live On Time. Emit No Evil sits on both Dunny. Can you spot the other connection?

Each artist has destroyed it with their work. They, along with Kidrobot, should all take a bow. Quite easily the best Dunny Series ever! Sculpt wise, it’s nothing we’ve ever seen from Kidrobot. The Quality Control (QC) is on point. The colour palette for this series is nailed on. You’ve got the dark contrasts against the bright pinks & blues etc. You’ve got GID in there (The Sun & The Moon, along with the accessory from The Lovers). You’ve got flocked wings on the Temperance. It’s like Kidrobot & J*RYU knew exactly what we wanted, and put it all in place. It was written in the stars, clearly!

The first thing we did when we opened up the box, even blurry eyed from sleep, is jump right on Facebook LIVE to unbox those 24 glorious blind boxes! Obviously. You can watch the LIVE video that was recorded below.

We are only missing ‘two’ pieces from this series. Which in itself is crazy. From one case. We don’t think this will be the case for everyone though. A freak case. It’ll be interesting to see how the flow of other cases go, as they are opened over the course of the next week or so.  We need The Hermit and The Devil (more details below on this one).

Kidrobot is renowned for rewarding those that purchase a full case of a Dunny series, and Arcane Divination is no exception. In keeping with the astrology theme, the limited edition case exclusive for Arcane Divination is a Tarot Card set, featuring 22 unique designs from the artists involved. Again, Kidrobot & J*RYU (along with the other four artists – of course) have absolutely nailed these designs for these cards, which you can enjoy in the image carousel below…

[carousel source=”media: 73542,73541,73540,73539,73538,73537,73536,73535,73534,73533,73532,73531,73530,73529,73528,73527,73526,73525,73524,73523,73522,73521″ limit=”15″ width=”400″ height=”400″ items=”1″ title=”no”]

The official release date for Arcane Divination is Friday 12th May, and if you’ve yet to purchase them you can do so at TTC approved stockists. Don’t forget to check out our Discount Page HERE to get some $$$ off your order. (UK) (EU) (US) (US) (US) (US)

As a last note, we are hearing that The Devil Dunny by Godmachine is being sold for crazy amounts on eBay. Please DO NOT spend crazy amounts on this Dunny, we are hearing rumours that this isn’t, in fact, t a chase. Once more boxes are opened over the next few weeks, you’ll see the market flooded with this particular design. We just want you to not spend huge amounts on eBay when you could be supporting your local stores (listed above).

Arcane Divination Kidrobot Dunny Ratios

Death (white) 2/24 (Tokyo Jesus) (1)
Death (black) ?/?? (Tokyo Jesus) (2)
The Empress 2/24 (Tokyo Jesus) (1)
Judgement 1/24 (Tokyo Jesus) (2)
The Sun & the Moon 3/48 (JRYU) (2)
The Wheel of Fortune 2/24 (JRYU) (2)
The Lovers 2/24 (Camilla d’Errico) (1)
Temperance 1/24 (Camilla d’Errico) (1)
The High Priestess 1/24 (Camilla d’Errico) (2)
The Hierophant (red) 2/24 (JPK) (1)
The Hierophant (white) ?/?? (JPK) (2)
The Fool 1/24 (JPK) (3)
The Hanged Man 2/24 (JPK) (2)
The Magician 2/24 (Godmachine) (2)
The Hermit 2/24 (Godmachine) (0)

The Devil ?/?? (Godmachine) (0)

The number in the bracket at the end of each line is the number of times the Dunny appeared in our one case that we unboxed.

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