Foldio – Folding Photo Studio For Smartphones.

As both a collector and customiser I know how hard it can be trying to take a photo of your latest piece be it your own or new addition to the collection. The lighting is never right or the colours aren’t as sharp as you would like them to be. Nothing seems to do it justice unless you either own a actual photo booth or spend a lot of time messing around. So when I saw the Foldio on Kickstarter back in december I knew it was something that I needed to back. I pledged for the $43 (plus postage) level which included The Foldio, 4 Background sheets (black, grey, white and green) two LED strips and a carry bag.



After playing around with the Foldio I took a few quick snaps with my Iphone using only 1 of the LED strips.

1511030_511276005648447_1702370842_n 971710_511276035648444_1546133455_n

These are two amazingly painted Dunny’s which are very hard to get decent photos of. The first is by Chris Squink and the second by Rich Sheehan (ToyTerror).

This booth fits all the way up to an 8″ Dunny which I was very impressed with and white on the black background really makes it pop. The artists below are Tara Mcpherson and Jon Paul Kaiser.



Overall this is a must for the amateur photographer wanting to take high quality images. I am sure with more time I will find different techniques in how to better my photography with the amazing contraption.

To see more information about the Foldio and when it will be on sale to the public go to or see the original kickstarter campaign Here. Also follow Orangemonkie on their Facebook.

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