W.A.Y.N. by Castbreeder / Andy Kurovets

Castbreeder are proud to introduce art toy designed by Andy Kurovets

About W.A.Y.N.:

It’s story about life, about solitude and childhood. About meaning of life. About W.A.Y.N…

The figure has been hand sculpted, hand casted and airbrush painted! W.A.Y.N. is made from resin.

I personally love the texture on this and the darkness is off set nicely with the white paper boat giving hope

The toy measures: 3.94 x3.14 x 2.76 inch (10 x 8 x 7 cm).

W.A.Y.N. is limited to 50 pieces for $65 (including free shipping):

 (sales start on 15 April 2017).

Materials: resin, acrylic paint, varnish.

You can find them pre-order now at: http://castbreeder.bigcartel.com/

Andy Kurovets can be found here

more castbreeder goodness can be found here

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