The SKC x Disart ToyLabs “Strange Kid” Screwball revealed!

Strange Kids Club and Disart ToyLabs pay tribute to a staple of 80s gross-out depravity with their first ever collaborative release, the Strange Kid Screwball!

SKC ball promo

Inspired by legendary toy designer James Groman‘s illustration for SKC’s ongoing Circle Jerks sticker line, the stunning Madball-esque sculpt was originally undertaken by artist Jose David Cifuentes Ulloa as a fan project, quickly sparking the interest of SKC editor, Rondall Scott III, and ultimately leading to a full scale toy release.

3D printed and now currently in the hands of Tru:Tek over at Disart ToyLabs, the 3″ x 2″ figure is set to come hand cast in a bouncy, keshi-style rubber, with a number of different colorways and micro-runs planned in the near future- the first of which coming in the form of an SKC store exclusive early next month.

How awesome is this sculpt? We can’t wait to see these in the flesh!

Stay tuned for the full lowdown in the next couple of weeks!

Disart ToyLabs
The Disarticulators

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