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Stickybones – the poseable animation figure

It’s one of those solutions to a problem many people have had – and it’s a simple elegant solution which is going to enable animators and artists around the world to work in a way they understand.

The stickybones figure has been created by a team of animators with over 20 years experience in the industry. So it’s a product developed by professionals, for professionals and many different kinds of creative mind in general. The primary function of this revolutionary product is to aid the quick creation of stop motion animations.


With many versatile uses including but not limited to:

  • Stop Motion Animate
  • Improve your drawing skills
  • Analyse body mechanics
  • Explore emotive body language
  • Have fun and get inspired !!!


With an impressive team of animators involved with various feature film character animations, the team behind this product know what they are doing and have created an impressive and elegant solution to many problems….and created some opportunities that we probably didn’t know where possible before Stickybones existed.


This product is going live very soon on Indiegogo and if you go to the URL below you can sign up for more information and get a notification for the pre orders and even receive a special discount while being kept in the loop as well.

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