Gas Collection DIY Vinyl Figures from Vinyl Escape

From the team at Vinyl Escape come the latest D.I.Y. vinyl art toys you are going to want to get your hands on and make your own.


With the motto on each tin your Gas Collection being “give me a soul” – it is clear from the outset that a lot of love, passion and commitment has been put into each of the figures from the initial Gas Collection series. The very fact that each figure shipped in it’s own tin is something that gave me reason to sit up and pay a bit more attention. Aesthetics are important, and the first thing you see is that every detail has been considered and for a D.I.Y platform the Gas Collection does not dissapoint.


There are 5 distinct figures in the range and they are all individually referred to as G01, G02, G03, G04 and finally and not surprisingly G05.  Each DIY figure has it’s own distinct personality and they will appeal to artists and collectors as stand alone figures, with many different possibilities for customisation and modification.


The figures are all made from a nice heavy gauge of vinyl and feel good when handled. All of the joints have a nice solid feel to them when being the limbs are being taken off and pushed back into place, it is always nice to be able to do this without having to worry about any damage to the plugs at the end of the limbs.


One thing that does appear clear is that these figures have been produced with artists in mind, practicalities appear to be important to the team producing these figures and while the designs retain a lot of charm and character they are also simple to work with.  I can see the work of many of the leading customisers out there looking very comfortable on the figures from this range and it will be exciting to see what appears from the artists around the world who get the chance to work with these.


As someone who keeps an eye on what is happening in the art scene in Europe probably more than anywhere else in the world (being in Europe makes this more practical sometimes),  these figures to me have a more Euro feel to them. This isn’t an easy thing for me to explain but it is based on many years of watching odd european cartoons and european cartoon artists. Please bear in mind this is my opinion only though, and many will tell you I am regularly known to say the strangest things at random – so feel free to disagree.



So, how to get your hands on some of these figures ?

Well the first port of call is here:

And if you want to see what other artists are already doing with these figures:

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