Pushead signing at Secret Base Head Shop Tokyo 26.4.2014

pushead secret base
Times like this I’m envious of those in or near Tokyo. Legendary artist PUSHEAD will be doing a signing from 1pm tomorrow, 26th April 2014, at the Secret Base store in Shibuya, Tokyo.
pushead secret base
There will be a mass of Pushead’s work with Secret Base, lining the vaults and store shelves including Skull Hevi’s, Skullwings, Siamese Pirates, Skull Pirates, Captains and more.
pushead captain skull secret base
There’s rumours it’s to coincide with a secret toy drop but I guess all remains unknown until tomorrow! Either way, what an awesome opportunity to meet and speak with one of the greatest.

pushead metallica st anger
Renowned for numerous album artworks including Metallica’s ‘St Anger’
Skull Hevi GID (the hydroDevil) prototype marbHouse by Pushead x Secret Base, features a Pushead designed head on the classic Fight figure. Sculpted by Betch.
sdcc 2013 pushead kaiju korner
Awesome display of prototypes from the Toy Toyko event at SDCC 2013. Image from

Even Pushead’s additional designs to many of the now classic SB platforms, including Usugrow’s Rebel and Salvation Ink’s, just elevate them to a new level.

pushead rebel captain
Pushead X Usugrow Rebel Captain Marble GID from SDCC 2012

So if you happen to be in Toyko, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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