Maschinen Krieger – Snake Eye 1:16

Ma.K. Super Armored Fighting Suit Space Type 2 – Snake Eye Series 001. This figure was produced in 2004 by Max factory and designed by Kow Yokoyama and comes with movable joints as well as various decals attached to the figure. This set is around 6.5 inches high and it comes with extra pairs of mechanical hands. Don’t forget the cool pilot inside ! Ma.K. Maschinen Krieger Snake eye 1/16 Series 001 Super Armored Fighting Suit Space Type 2 Action Figure.

  • Model: Ma.K Snake eye 1/16 Series 001
  • Company: Max Factory
  • Ma.K Maschinen Krieger
  • Ma.K. ZbV3000
  • Kow Yokoyama 2004
  • Super Armored Fighting Suit
  • SAFS Space Type 2
  • Action Type Figure
  • Size: 1/16 Approx. 6.5″ Tall

[youtube url=””]   IMG_7464 IMG_7463 IMG_7462 IMG_7461 IMG_7460 IMG_7456

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