New: Nibiruan Drones by nerviswr3k!

Our boy, nerviswr3k doesn’t really need much introduction. His style & quality of work speaks for himself. We wanted to bring you news of his new release of Nibiruan Drones that dropped earlier today. Each one is fantastically sculpted, as per tradition with nervis. Let’s check them out. Seven pieces in total…
nibiruan-drones-nerviswrek-6 nibiruan-drones-nerviswrek-5 nibiruan-drones-nerviswrek-4 nibiruan-drones-nerviswrek-3 nibiruan-drones-nerviswrek-2 nibiruan-drones-nerviswrek-1Each Nibiruan Drone is priced at $200 (£156) + shipping. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the above Drones, you have to hit up nerviswr3k on either Facebook HERE or Instagram HERE.  Drop him a DM and let him know you’re interested, he doesn’t bite.


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