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Monsters & Mecha ToyCon Exclusive Plush Reveal!

It’s exciting times at Monsters & Mecha HQ as their ToyCon exclusive plush toys are finally revealed!  Check out this year’s colourful rainbow of Raars and Mumbles:

[frame align=”center”]Neese_Monsters_Mecha_Raar_Orange_ToyCon[/frame]

First off is the Orange Spike Raar! The fur has a shorter orange base with longer red and blue spikes, which makes it super huggable. The resin claws and horns are painted orange, and the eyes are a glossy black. These will be priced at £50 each.

[frame align=”center”]Neese_Monsters_Mecha_Mumble_Orange_ToyCon[/frame]

Here’s the matching Orange Spike Mumble! He has the same fur as the Raar and painted orange resin horns too. These will be priced at £10 each.

[frame align=”center”]Neese_Monsters_Mecha_Raar_Black_ToyCon[/frame]

Next up is the Black Spike Raar! Similar in style to the orange, the fur has a shorter black base with longer spiked blue and purple strands. His resin horns and claws are painted dark purple, which is super cool as it adds to his galaxy-like colouring. These will be priced at £50 each.

[frame align=”center”]Neese_Monsters_Mecha_Mumble_Black_ToyCon[/frame]

Here’s the matching Black Spike Mumble! The same fluffy mix of long and short, purple, blue and black fur, with the resin horns painted a dark purple too. These will be priced at £10 each.

[frame align=”center”]Neese_Monsters_Mecha_Raar_Ivory_ToyCon[/frame]

Next is the magical Ivory Sparkle Raar! This Raar has long ivory fur with strands of red, gold and silver metallic thread sparkling through it, with matching cream resin horns and claws. Each of these glittering lovelies will be £45.

[frame align=”center”]Neese_Monsters_Mecha_Mumble_Ivory_ToyCon[/frame]

Last but not least, is the Ivory Sparkle Mumble! He also has long Ivory fur with strands of red, gold and silver metallic thread, with cream horns to match. They will be £10 each.

There are only going to be 5 of each Raar, and 8 of each Mumble, available on the day so make sure you go straight to the Monsters & Mecha booth if you want one – they’ll be going fast! They will also be giving away some glorious goodie bags to their first 5 customers to spend over £10. Each one will contain a plush Mumble, a Skelevex fridge magnet, and a Captaïn Yampy resin One Inch Wonder. They’ll only be one per customer so grab one if you can!

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