Little Lazy Corn Feature 2018

Little Lazies Halloween Friends

Arguably the best part of Halloween aside from eating way more candy than admittable is decorating.  Halloween decorations come in scary, weird (I’m looking at all these random dinosaur skeletons in your yards here, people), and strangely adorable.  This year’s Little Lazies’ Halloween friends are so adorably crafted!  Leah Lazy fills these little guys with such cuteness and a pinch of mischief – Meet “Meanie”, “Silly”, and “Oooh” the little Lazy-Corns of 2018.  These are most fresh candy corns ever in the world and I am so here for it!   Check these clay cuties out and head to Leah Lazy’s Etsy to order them starting October 31st at Noon PST (8PM BST).  You’ll be able to buy them in singles or in 2 pack bundles and you will get the option of which candy corn face you want.

Lazy Corn Faces 2018 Lazy Corn 2018

Leah Lazy is also doing two giveaways to be randoly drawn for next week.  Wanna know how to get in on those?

Facebook Giveaway : Zom-Kitty

Little Lazies zom-kitty 2018

All you have to do is follow Little Lazies and comment on their facebook post.


Instagram Giveaway: Halloweirdo Bear

Little Lazies Halloweirdo 2018


To get in this giveaway simply Follow and comment on the post





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