Fallout Helmets for Habitat – Artist Design Auction

War… War never changes.

Welcome Vault Dwellers!  As you venture out into the wastelands you’ll need to have your power armor, and what set of Power Armor is complete without some custom paint jobs?   Well, a number of insanely talented artists have created a list of eighty-two custom-painted Power Armor Helmets for you to bid on for the charity Habitat for Humanity.  This celebration of Bethesda’s Fallout 76 release may be an even bigger hit than the game itself (please, everyone, this writer/huge-fallout-fan’s PC died this past weekend and won’t be able to play when the PC beta releases next week so don’t crush my excitement) which I’m sure is going to be amazing on its own accord.

Here are some of my personal favorites for defeating Deathclaws and launching Fat Mans at raider camps:

Fallout L'amour Supreme Helmet
Artist: L’amour
Fallout Low Bros Helmet
Artist: Low Bros
Fallout Urban Aztec Helmet
Artist Urban Azetc
Fallout Madsteez Helmet
Artist: Madsteez
Fallout Adam Cockerton Helmet
Artist: Adam Cockerton
Fallout Anne Bengard Helmet
Artist: Anne Bengard
Fallout Huntz Liu Helmet
Artist: Huntz Liu
Fallout Ilovedust Helmet
Artist: ILoveDust
Fallout Jacknife Helmet
Artist: Jacknife

There were SO MANY I absolutely loved it was extremely difficult to pick just a few to feature so please go check out the rest of these amazing helmets!

Once you’re ready to pick your custom(s) to bid on, head over to the auction site and get your Caps ready! But be ready, the last day before this auction is finished and you leave the vault for good is November 14, 2018 at 5:00pm EST.

This collaboration between Bethesda, HYPEBEAST, and Microsoft brings work from Marcos Cabrera, Sean Jewall, Hugo Delart, Anne Bengard, Tom J Newell, Hydro74, Felix Von Der Laden, Lightning Cosplay, Jacknife(Chris Hopewell), Simon Delart, Grizzle Marine, Kyle Stockton, KBTR, Mulga, Lauren Winzer, Arttitude, Elhuervo, Paul Francis, Ceeze, Someart, Frankie Strand, Jon Wollack, Adam Cockerton, Urban Aztec, Ewok, Sam Green, Awge, Cloakwork, Huntz Liu, Its a Living, Jimmy Butcher, L’Amour Supreme, Madsteez, Artguillory, Ilovedust, Low Bros, Push, Joe King, Trav Msk, Saber, Risk, and Seen.  What an amazing list of artists!




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