Jaykblu Custom TURU set

20140731-071405 pm-69245003.jpg
So heres a great custom TURU comprising of a 5” figure and a 7” Canvas! {Matt I’m loving that artists are doing this now}
Release is on the 1st August! Will be on sale at (Which is currently being re-vamping)
The photographer is Jaykblu’s buddy Waj Photography.
Hope one of our readers snaps this up!!

20140731-071740 pm-69460118.jpg

20140731-071740 pm-69460377.jpg

20140731-071740 pm-69460979.jpg

20140731-071739 pm-69459847.jpg

20140731-071740 pm-69460692.jpg

20140731-071741 pm-69461273.jpg

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