Finn & Jake – Masters of the Adventure Time by Robotic Industries!

What happens when you mix the greatest 80’s cartoon show with an awesome cartoon show from 2010? Oh boy. Maybe the greatest mash-up ever! Meet Finn & Jake, Masters of the Adventure Time by Robotic Industries.

[frame align=”center”]Adventure time Custom[/frame]

Jim at Robotic Industries has done an absolute amazing job mashing up He-Man & Battle Cat with Finn & Jake from Adventure Time. Right? Jim thought it would be interesting to see what characters from the 2010’s would look like with a 1980’s make over. Answer: Amazing.

[frame align=”center”]Adventure time Custom MOTU[/frame]

Unfortunately, Jim is keeping this custom for his own personal collection. Booooo. HOWEVER! Jim would be interested in casting this pair in resin if there is enough interest from you lot. So your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to share this post. Retweet. Repost. Make as much noise as possible. Show Robotic Industries that these should be made available for purchase. You got that, right? Good. Go.

Robotic Industries can be found on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Make sure you tag Jim in your pleading tweets & statuses. He’s got to hear the noise too. Obvs.

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