Faint of Hart Group Art Show Announced!

Coming later this year Eyehart Toys has pulled together a band of merry artists for a group art show. Faint of Hart will take place in October 2017 in Bloomington, IN.


My goal for this show is to bring art and artists this town has never seen. We have a huge art community but not as many low brow or pop artists. This is for you, counter culture. Let’s make this weird!eyehart toys

Featuring the original works of Eyehart Toys, Matt Jackson, Boy in the Corner, Chris McVillain, Jordy Minnick, Tony Trip, Richard Strohmeyer, Indy Droids, Kjelshus Collins, 20 Heads, InPrimeWeTrust, TXTbook, Sturgeon Studios & Eric Smith.

Important Details

WHEN: 6th October 2017

WHERE: Gather Shop & Gallery, Bloomington, IN

We’ll bring you more details nearer the time, but go give Eyehart Toys a follow on Facebook HERE.

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