TTC Reviews: The Clairvoyant Dunny by J*RYU x Kidrobot!

Back in October when we found out that Kidrobot was working with J*RYU (Jesse Yu) on a new 8inch Dunny – The Clairvoyant – we got super SUPER excited. It’s no secret that The Toy Chronicle foam at the mouth a little when we see Jesse’ work. We know that whatever Jesse releases, be it custom or production, it’s going to be insanely good and also the best work that he can produce. No corners are cut. Perfection. That’s exactly the case with The Clairvoyant.

Delving into the realms of the dark world of clairvoyance, J*RYU delivers an 8inch masterpiece with The Clairvoyant that is worthy of any collection. Whilst it may seem from the outset, this is by no means a post intent on blowing smoke up J*RYU’s ass, we truly feel that once you get your hands on The Clairvoyant you’ll soon see yourself what an outstanding piece of art The Clairvoyant actually is. A blind man could tell you all about the beauty of The Clairvoyant. The sculpt is something that we’ve rarely seen in a production Dunny. The intricacy of the design is really something special.

The rear of The Clairvoyant is just as special as the front. With the winding serpent around the Zodiac wheel encompassing the back of the Dunny head. Our eyes are still transfixed at the level of detail that has been put into The Clairvoyant. It really is insane.

Shakespeare’s lost palindrome, Emit No Evil, Live on Time is transcribed in the rear of the Dunny.

From every angle, The Clairvoyant offers something new. Every now & again, a Dunny is released by Kidrobot that captures The Toy Chronicle’s imagination, but nothing on the same level as The Clairvoyant. We could reap hours of praise & homage to this deity, and we still think we’d not cover it in its full, deserving glory.

The Eye of Providence gazes into our soul from the front of The Clairvoyant. Eye to eye we look upon it with glory.

The Clairvoyant extends from its Designer Toy surroundings and adds itself to any art collection. A true joy to behold.

If you’re interested in owning The Clairvoyant (and you should definitely be interested) you can pick it up over at our friends Collect & Display HERE for £105 (don’t forget about our TTC Discount HERE, though). Our boy Pedro also has The Clairvoyant available at The Black Spot HERE for 100euro (again, don’t forget our Discount Page HERE for something off your purchase).

This weekend we also brought you news that there will be at least one other Clairvoyant colourway, a blood red version is in the works. Bah Gawd, it looks beautiful. We don’t know the exact details YET, but we imagine that this will be a Kidrobot Exclusive (meaning you can only buy it via the KR store). We could be wrong, but once we hear more details – we shall bring you all the glorious information.

Congrats to J*RYU and Kidrobot for such a fantastic release. With the forthcoming Arcane Divination Kidrobot Dunny series, curated by J*RYU, heading our way in early 2017 (looking like Feb), we are sure that our mouths will drop with amazement & wonder. With Jesse at the helm and a host of wonderful artists involved (JPK, Tokyo Jesus, Camilla d’Errico & Godmachine), we are going to be in for a treat when this Arcane Divination drops.


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