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Zukaty ‘Anger Ink’ Dunny Series

Anger Ink zukaty dunny
Anger Ink 3 inch Dunny Series
Series of only 5! Sprayed and hand painted, clear coated, featuring Zukaty’s previous energizer style on body and a very possessed and angry character head 🙂

Available NOW from 2nd March 10PM UK, 5PM NY, 2PM LA, @,
$60 each plus shipping these will come signed and bagged with header card.
Purchases on the first 48 hours will also get a Zukaty free pin and a #pixelrock resin cast (random picked color or painted).

pixel rock zukaty
If any of these are available you will be able to see or purchase them from Zukaty/Toy Terror Booth at ToyconUK 14

Keep up to date with Zukaty:

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twitter @ zukaty
intagram @ zukaty

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