You're in the Jungle, Baby!

You’re in the Jungle, Baby!

As the Toy Heist Custom Stranger Show in Amsterdam quickly approaches, we are starting to see more artists present their Custom Strangers. Today we see what London based artist, David Stevenson, has up his sleeves. David released photos of his ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Stranger today. David sticks with his tried & tested Jungle theme with this piece, and it looks quite nice. The Toy Heist Show opens on 29th November, so if you’re in the Amsterdam area you should definitely go check out David’s work, along with some other awesome UK artists (Squink, A Little Stranger, PJ Constable, RunDMB & Lisa Rae Hansen amongst some quality names!)

[su_frame align=”center”]Welcome to the Jungle[/su_frame]Welcome to the Jungle by David Stevenson (front)

[su_frame align=”center”]Welcome to the Jungle (Back)[/su_frame]Welcome to the Jungle (Back)

If you want to see more of David’s work, you can visit his Website or over on his Facebook!


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