StickUp Monsters art show GHETTO HYAKKIYAGYO AND MORE!

Javier Jimenez of Stick up Monsters just announced a Solo art Show to take place at PlayToysForever from 2017/8/26 to 2017/9/3;

It will feature an all starts line up with a ton of custom StickUp Monsters toys. Also Max Toy Co. will host a Tiger Boss & Office Cat mini Custom Show!

Taiwan is the place to be!

Important Details

WHERE: PlayToysForever in Taipei (Taiwan).

WHEN: From 2017/8/26 to 2017/9/3.


Javier Jimenez is releasing a GID Wananeko that includes a purple necklace with bell exclusively at PlayToysForever during July;

GID Wananeko

Also a Daylight Shooter & Nightcrawler GID Wananeko and Baby Wananeko are scheduled to drop for angel abby Soft Vinyl Festival on August 5-6 at The Hub in Hong Kong;

Daylight Shooter & Nightcrawler GID Wananeko and Baby Wananeko

Don’t forget to check Javier Jimenez guide to paint Sofubi, where you can check Wananeko being brought to life;


Give Javier a Holla Via Facebook Deviantart , Website , Instagram and Twitter.

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